Monday, January 21, 2008

Souls at Center Stage: Leo Full Moon (Jan 22)

January 22nd 6.34am, PST: Full Moon at 1 Leo


In Leo, the King or Queen energy of the zodiac family, and within each of us - remember we have ALL the signs within us in various areas of our life, as shown in our Birth Chart - emotions are always pretty obvious. They're either out there in the open, or else we're polluting rooms by withdrawing our Light (Leo rules the Sun) and we're known for the dark clouds we bring in our wake. Either way, our Light is felt by its very presence or it's lack.

Leo is pure Joy, pure self-expression, creativity and PLAY - the need to pour your heart out into something, Anything as long as you can put your personal stamp on it.

During the Leo Full Moon, we're reminded of both this - the measure of our "Light" and the "darkness", or lack of light. And that there never is truly ever complete darkness in the world, as the Sun is always shining somewhere. Just as we cannot forever remain shrouded in cloud, when within us is a burning, creative center, or urge to live.

Maybe that's what we should bear in mind at the Leo Full Moon when we're bursting at the seems with Leo vitality that screams to be heard. If we don't receive the applause and respect our Leo side needs (where is Leo in your chart?) then we risk sulking, withdrawing and sitting on it, becoming the cold, calculated Aquarius (Leo's opposite sign).

At the Full Moon we always face a conflict to resolve - on the one hand the Sun shines in the opposing sign, this time, Aquarius saying BE AQUARIAN! Detach. Support a good cause. Help Society. Be a great friend.

The Moon shines in the opposite sign of Leo saying I NEED RECOGNITION. Can you be a creative and lovable politician? Can you use your stage presence star-status for the greater good? Are you just as good off stage in the supportive audience as you are lapping up the attention from your adoring fans? If you're ignored, what then? If someone heckles you, do you despise humanity? Is your audience limited and are you seeking the wrong people for the recognition you feel you deserve and desire?

We're ALL prima-donnas. We each want a bit of the Leo Sun. Watch American Idol to see how big 'anyone can be a star' ideologies have become. Though, these have had their day, I feel. When we all feel special (Leo) in our own unique way (Aquarius) we won't seek to become 'generic' factory-produced stars with a pre-packaged label of success from the media machines.

No matter what, no matter where, no matter how we MUST release our Leo sides now - it's a NEED, a primal urge asking us to:

Get on Stage and Scream our Emotions
Let it rip! Dance your socks off, dress up, show off
Bring color back into your life!
Get artistic - paint a wall, a mural, make a birdhouse, stare at your reflection
Go to Vegas - live it up, go 5 Star to the best restaurant
Give up your childish ways but still remain childlike
Be generous NO MATTER who accepts it or who you think "doesn't deserve it"
Be proud of what you've done. You'll shine for it.
Stop seeking an audience. Be your own number one fan.
Finish up a painting, song, poem or some creative project you've been working on
Release your babies into the world (sell your work, find an agent, put on your show)

In Short - give your gift of your Leo side to the world. Your job. Your humor. Your ability to have a good time. Your smile. Your wink. Your flattery. Your musical/artistic/leadership talents. You're brimming full, under the Full Moon and trust me, there are few things worse than a Leo who has (temporarily) lost (or forgotten more like) their Light. That's Leo's job. To shine. That's it.

Where's your Leo? Find the symbol above in your own chart and find which House it begins in (counterclockwise). If you need help, leave a message after this posting, and I'll show you how to do it.

In my own Chart, Leo shines in the 9th House, the house of Knowledge, Adventure, Teaching, Philosophy, The Bigger Picture. And my work, (sharing this information with you) is where I shine, and love to pour out my own creative energies. What about you?

And the final point is this: to shine, to truly be a beacon and a Sun, sometimes our only job is to be ourselves, and not to try. Isn't one of the sun's main job to brighten dark skies?

So whatever shadows appear now, dispel them by turning up your own Pride, your own Self Respect, your own Self Love. Have you learned yet to remain Loving no matter what, to remain Giving no matter what, to retain our Life Force - and not to get depleted or drained by life's vampiric nature? Because this is the gift to yourself.

Give back.
Empty your creative genius.
It's the only way to keep refilling.


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