Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sun in Leo, Moon in Aquarius

This is the Full Moon in Aquarius. Each Full Moon, two signs are tied together in opposition. The needs of the Aquarius Moon now try to blend with the essence of the Leo Sun.

Working in harmony, we are full of live, we feel inherently special, and yet we also know others have needs. We're both performer and observer, never getting too caught up in the glamour of the spotlight (or ego attention) and never being so distant and detached that we fail to participate. We're using our specialness to help humanity on some level (like the Hollywood Actor who uses their fame to raise money for charity).
We appreciate our friends (Aquarius) and can love (Leo) strangers (Aquarius) with the same purity we love those in our inner circle. We can celebrate the specialness (Leo) of our uniqueness (Aquarius).

When these energies are pulling against each other we have the rebel (Aquarius) overthrowing the ruler (Leo). We let ego (Leo) blind us to the fact we're as special as anyone else in society (Aquarius). Each Full Moon brings something up within us and now it's these two polar opposites. Love Given (Leo) and Love Received (Aquarius). Stand on one side too long and immediately the opposing side is activated.

At Full Moon time it's best to blend both energies together, to avoid conflict. Working as a Team, Leo/Aquarius is about love and friendship combined, creativity and detachment and being special and being 'one of the crowd'. You just can't be either/or.

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