Monday, August 08, 2011

Sun in Leo, Moon in Sagittarius

Under the power of twi fire signs, things always heat up. The Sagittarius Moon needs room to breathe, to grow and learn. To expand its horizons, knowledge base and possibilities. To open up to More - with an optimistic spirit and an open mind and heart.

In Leo Season, the Sagittarius Moon wants to find new creative ways to have fun. Everything is larger than life, and that includes our appetites. Size begins to matter so we may go over the top (on purchases, emotional reactions, any appetite can be supersized). Sagittarius is not about finding limits, its often about excess (absorb enough and you'll find Truth sooner or later). Leo is about living large. Put the teo together and you have a highly dramatic coupling where we can discover more, let our hair down, live with passion and purpose (as long as we avoid intellectual arrogance or judgmental attitudes).

The best of Leo/Sagittarius is to realize our inner child is alive and well in the present. And we can shine light wherever darkness falls, and bring Joy, Optimism and the Enjoyment of the Journey As Destination.

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