Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Sun in Leo, Moon in Libra

Under the Libra Moon we all want beauty, and we yearn for the things that bring a sense of calm: music, candlelight, art, relaxation, good company, beautiful things, quiet scenery etc. In Leo Season this is truly welcome - Leo wants quality and so does Libra. Combined, this energy is about truly opening your heart and sharing yourself with others. Getting along with those in our lives becomes essential because ruffled feathers means rocked boats and Libra Moons want nothing but calm comfort.

Social events go well under this combination as does schmoozing, socializing at special functions/mixers or just having a great time with whomever you're with.

Since Leo is love and Libra is romance, put the two together and you have the makings of beautiful dates, romantic escapes (picnics, walks alone together, evenings by the fire or under the Sunset). We have to be careful we don't ignore or sweep more important things under the carpet for the sake of "peace" but for now, we can live well by enjoying sharing, mutual love and respect (and admiration - think Mutual Fan Club) and celebrating how good life really is.

Happiness is a Choice, and we choose to share our good vibes with others and they with us, under the combo of Leo/Libra.

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