Friday, August 05, 2011

Sun in Leo, Moon in Scorpio

Leo Season is all about brightness, opening our hearts, playing and expressing ourselves in our own unique way. Finding a new Joy in life. Creating.

Under the Scorpio Moon we yearn for more depth, so our passions are aroused, things become more intense (already dramatic under the fiery Leo Sun). Secrets are forged or dug up (The Scorpio Moon is the 4th House under Leo, relating to our private selves, emotional foundations and our family conditioning).

Things can get ugly with two signs as intense (and stubborn) as these. When threatened, under the Scorpio Moon we may retaliate or strike before we're stung. Or we can use this time to heal and transcend old wounds and old triggers.
Creatively (and in all areas) it's time to add more depth to your creativity, more passion to your love (or find it), more intensity to your focus and strip away all that masks your true spiritual self (so expect some ego showdowns and moments when you realize you're acting from your lower nature).

The best of the Leo/Scorpio Combo is a depth of love that doesn't hide, nor does it allow itself to be pulled down into its own self-indulgent shadow. We live loud and proud, with nothing else but our hearts, leading the way.

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