Sunday, September 08, 2013

Is it worth fighting? Mars square the Lunar Nodes

Working on this week's horoscopes, I couldn't help but be struck the obvious current manifestations of this weeks' upcoming energy-signature above us: Mars in Leo square the South and North nodes (whick peaks by Thurday, September 12th - a day before Friday the 13th no less.

The question of whether to get involved in a war against Syria or not?

President Obama is going to give an address and push for the United States to Yes, Get Involved whilst it appears most of the country feels we should 'No, Stay Out of It'.

That's always the question when Mars is square the lunar nodes: 'do you or do you not?'
 We can evolve with the expression of the planet or devolve. Here our karma is based on our Actions and our levels of Aggression/Assertion - typical Mars territory.

Mars in Leo is great for bold actions but has one fatal flaw as it sits between the nodes: Pride. Coupled with the planet of testosterone, if you offend, upset or hurt my feelings, I'll attack.

The whole world is currently reflecting this tight balance: from the battles in your head and living room/bed room to what we see playing out before us on the global screen.

The North Node in Scorpio represents many deaths during our passage through it - but theoretically the death of that which is no longer needed. Whether we beg to differ with this or not, what is alive is alive and what is not alive is dead and gone. Or is it? Scorpio, after all is a deep and dark sign, where we can never quite tell where the bottom lies, if ever there is one. Think Loch Ness (fixed water). Perhaps life does go on, and sometimes things can come back again. And gain is so often found through the death transition.

Whether we choose it or not, death/loss is our path for a while longer. Throw in Mars and it's like a child with a grenade. In Leo, piss off our prideful inner boy or girl and you may get badly hurt.  And as the media is found of showing for maximum manipulative Neptune-in-Pisces fashion, the photos of the bodies of wounded children (Mars in Leo) seems sadly but celestially symbolic.

You have an inner child just like everyone else. It gets hurt sometimes. It often didn't get what it wanted. And it likes getting its own way. But it has to play fair with the other kids in the playground and your way is not the only way. Getting your way isn't always possible - or advised. And like fighting fire with fire, war creates only more war.

Once you use Mars, Mars often ends up using you.

A message to the world: 

Only the insecure feel offense 
or the need to defend themselves.

Get Creative. Go enjoy some attention from another human being. Preen yourself in the mirror. Sing in the shower. There are many uses for Mars in Leo. Having fun is one of them, not getting offended about what other people are doing or not doing. Egos are silly creatures. No one writes the rules. We're all writing them together.

Your cosmic-military messenger,

This week's scopes give you a lowdown on how Mars square the lunar nodes teams up with Chiron in Pisces this week and what this means for each sign.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Neil, My natal Mars in is Leo, and if one uses an 8+ plus orb, is square my natal Saturn in Scorpio. Grrrrrrrrrrr....I have been easily infuriated over the past several days. The new moon in Virgo was particulary depressing and frustrating. I have been keeping a low profile and turning the other cheek, staying very busy, using the energy to sort out my material stuff, reorganize, reclaim. Slow and steady! Exercise helps. Wish I could sleep better, lol. This too shall pass.