Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Mental Health, Trauma and the Virgo New Moon

Since the fire, I've been learning more about post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

It can stick around, long past the actual trauma. Years even. We can store emotional material after shocking or traumatizing situations (abuse, brushes with death, sudden loss, accidents etc) and not even know it, resulting in erratic mood changes, or an out-of-proportion reaction to a perceived threat. Since we all go through traumatic experiences to one degree or another, it's worth a look at our Mental Health too under this Virgo Moon

Could storing past trauma be part of our present emotional nature? 

Our Moon signs would say YES. Memories are always stored somewhere. One line in an article I read stood out recently:

"Nightmares = imagery rehearsal therapy"

Neat, eh? We get to play with images and their subsequent emotional response(s) within us they trigger. Life serves the same purpose. We witness events and respond emotionally. Some events just echo for longer. 

With clients currently reporting of sleep disturbances, a need for more sleep or strange/busy/intense dreams remember that you could be doing most of your Soul Shadow-Work (Pluto of course) while you're asleep...

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