Monday, September 23, 2013

The eye of the needle: Saturn, Venus and the North Node in Scorpio

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As Saturn meets the North Node in soul-purging & passionately powerful Scorpio, it's like we're all moving through the eye of the needle as all that is excess baggage is pulled to the surface ready for its release, healing, acknowledgement, processing, refining and ultimate releasing. Time shifts (Pluto in Capricorn) slowing and speeding in various places of our perceived 'linear' time frame, giving us an opportunity to see the power inherent in decisions taken or decisions avoided and the destructive power of our desires/shadows and their creative power once harnessed. (Saturn in Scorpio). The Pisces Full Moon pulls up more of whatever is there - from the subconscious, unconscious, imagination and stored painful soul-memories (Neptune, Chiron in Pisces) but just know that whatever is unfolding, is just the physical breakdown of structures that no longer work to support the individual or the collective. Part of our current emotional states and life experiences relate to various degrees of dismantling old ways of being/behaving/feeling so that we can recreate our lives on a daily basis to represent ones of more contentment, balance, peace and harmony, and of course Love. Pluto in Capricorn Direct now reveals the areas where we still are powerfully able to participate in the crumbling of outdated methods, rules, structures and blockages...

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