Thursday, September 26, 2013

Cosmic Cupid's Arrow under a Libra New Moon (Oct 4)

The New Moon on Oct 4 falls at 11 Degrees Libra. Not only that but 11 degrees and 56 minutes (11-11) for those seeing this particular double number on Clocks, Digital Displays, Receipts and other random places on a regular basis, this could be a very interesting week.

The Libra New Moon tells a story. The Chart is attached if you want to follow along. A quincunx from the Taurus South Node reminds me that the world has the munchies. Not that everyone is stoned (although Neptune in Pisces means you're definitely finding one drug of choice and enjoying it - even if that's sleeping). We are all hungry right now. For security. Old physical desires, appetites are rife as are stubborn refusals to change or budge, old spending habits, self worth issues, over fixation or worry about physical realm stuff (food, sex, insatiable hungers, money).

There's the rub with the Libra New Moon - which seeks harmony and balance not an over-concern over anything so crass as the Physical Dimension. Libra seeks Balance and Shared Experiences. 

Chiron in Pisces hints at old hurts still plaguing us (in dreams or waking life), sorry & sad stories from ego-trauma, nightmares or unhealed skeletons in the closet, the need for medication or the addicted, feelings of powerlessness, idle hands make the devil's playground etc.

All these create a rub with this particular Libra New Moon because they could cause rifts in relationships or general malaise with other people you're dealing with. For each person you face this week, look behind their eyes and realize there are hurts/wounds there that remain, and there's more going on that meets the eye. Judgments don't help.

The best of this combo is compassionately respecting the fact that everyone's hurting somewhere and how they act could reflect and reveal this. Give some leeway.

The Cancer Jupiter doesn't help so much with overindulgent mega moods this week and the potential for over-inflating past emotional material. We want MORE-MORE-MORE of our creature comforts, favorite foods, familiar habits and safe lifestyle.  Who wouldn't right now? How do we handle such huge emotions based on past experiences in the context of getting along with each other in the Here and Now? There's an expansion of Feelings going on upon Planet Earth, I'm not sure if you feel it. Sensitive types do (those with strong water signs or Neptune in their Charts). There's an expansion of feelings and needs, but are they going towards building bridges or to sit and dwell on the past all the while missing the potential for Real Human Contact right here right now. Will you let your feelings guide you to connect? No text messages, no emails, just on the phone or in person real time dialogue.

Pluto in Capricorn of course is the ultimate inner parent - firm and final throwing us Rules, Regulations that can disrupt or tear apart relations right now. Control is a huge potential issue, with those you're dealing with.  Who is boss? Is it healthy leadership or a tyrant/bully? In partnerships should there even be a 'boss'? No one steers the ship alone. Its all "we" stuff right now. A Pluto Square is an opportunity to ditch the dark material by going through it as it comes up, without letting it pile up, without letting it fester. Exposing abuse where it exists. Don't forget, that some of the control/powerless feelings right now stem from things that went on in your past and childhood (the 10th/4th house axis is one of Parenting).  With two planets on this axis, parental patterns and problems are revisited to re-shape energy spent stuck in their curse but acceptance leading to our empowerment(Pluto/10th) and growth beyond them (Jupiter/4th).

Does your union need rules or structures? Are some of them archaic and outdated? Who is following whose lead or is there mutual respect and joint rule-making? Is power being handled fairly between both parties? The world picture continues to reflect the same game playing out in your home and mine. In businesses across the planet. And between countries or next door neighbors.

Notice the ARROW pointing to this Libra New Moon! True Synergy - the Sun and Moon in Libra. The male and female. The Parents. At the same time, Venus and Mars fight in their square aspect. While there is a chance for our Inner Parents to agree and come together, our inner boy and girl both need something - attention (Venus) and action (Mars). Sex and play. Depth and fun. Seething egos. Power plays. Passion and Joy. Explore between Mars and Venus here and see how you'd like this tension to play out for you and those you're currently 'dancing' or 'fighting' with?

Sun and Moon - we are both male and female, we need to learn when to PUSH and when to let things come (PULL) to you. As always with a square, you're damned if you do damned if you don't often, but at least you're trying. Dual Action soothes the friction of the "internal conflict" square. Sometimes you push, sometimes you pull. Sometimes the timing is off, sometime it just works. Either way, you're living and learning.

Uranus opposing this Libra New Moon is like the crazy relative who crashes the wedding late and whispers in the ear of the bride and groom (Sun and Moon) that by coming together they lose their individual freedoms or who comes bearing a banner 'Be Yourself!'. But how can you possibly retain your individual sense of self while sharing and compromising, swimming in a pool both contaminated and enhanced by the energy signature of another? What's often forgotten in a Uranus opposition is the potential for a period of space (or separation) in order to regain a sense of self that CAN be shared. Two true individuals can have true mutual respect, support, care, concern and the willingness to work through the rough times. Libra is the cement that glues us together in preparation for the Scorpio storm, when the honeymoon is officially over and the hard work of real human love begins (AKA the time when most people bail). Thankfully, with Saturn in Scorpio we are working on bonds already forged...or trying to loosen the shackles.

Sometimes, under a Libra New Moon all it takes is a new approach to Sharing, a new way to experience relationship, a coming together or separating on agreed upon mutual ground. The dance must be sacred. It must respect all signs, both parties.

The Libra New Moon is the time of legal agreements and arguments For or Against. And a time of new artistic expressions and appreciation for the natural symmetry, harmony and balance of Nature, which always finds a way to co-exist. It's about breathing new life into existing relationships and partnerships and alliances or separating to realize the unique core self (Uranus in Aries). So new relationships or renewed relations are possible now.

It's not so much  about the person you're dealing with this week, it's about Love itself, the energy of sharing - voicing insecurities, talking through ideas, finding a middle ground between two different styles/ideas/opinions/lifestyles. It's about the Fairness. The ability to be able to Agree to Disagree. To look at the Situation not the Person as our "issue". Can we allow LOVE to flow from ourselves to others and from others to ourselves without judging the person themselves and getting lost in the many triggers that could be used as opportunities to get closer in a world fast teaching people to get used to being apart.

A united world involves just that - uniting with others. Not just those who think like you, or look similar or like the same taste in music. With any other. Certainly with those who have crossed your path. Out of the billions of people in the world, you ended up with the specific people around you for a reason.

Maybe this week we can make more of an effort to truly relate to those around us?

We are all walking triggers for each other. So in that respect, sometimes people love you, sometimes they hate you. We love them and then hate them. We each hold up mirrors to each other. With each trigger, (seeing something in that person/mirror you don't like) you learn something new about yourself - what you're capable of, how potential power, your dark secrets or insecurities and your amazingly powerful abilities. It's not easy but then the path to self-knowledge never came from simply reading a book or taking a course.
On Planet Earth,  it's about living. Physically embodying energies.

This week's living message is this: what will The Other reveal to you about Yourself?

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Anonymous said...

WOW. I love your writing style & the way you portray these concepts!!! Thank you so much for this!!!!!!! As above, so below! Definitely gonna be interesting how this pans out spiritually, physically, emotionally, & mentally.. I can already feel the energies changing around me and within me.



Thank you Charity! Love, Neil xx