Thursday, March 16, 2017

Grounding Our Dreams: Sun squares Saturn


The Sun approaches a square to Saturn, and our egos (Sun) are tested (Saturn). All bright lights (Sun) are challenged (Saturn).

In Pisces, the Sun (ego) finds a confusing time, as things dissolve and what is solid seems to evaporate, as the Neptune tides continually erode the boundaries in place that seaprate.
Saturn is the planet of boundaries and divisions, so this is our challenge this week: to maintain our Vision, yet do the direct work to make it manifest.

Borders and Boundaries help us now in giving shape to the formless, structure to something ethereal.

Ground your ideas in structured actions now. Be sensible to offset any hazy magical-thinking.

Saturn in Sagittarius, as covered before, is a challenge of faith:

Can you believe something when there's no proof? Can you "keep the faith" when something or someone rains on your parade? Are you fearful to leap? Are you remaining adventurous and risk-taking within reason or recklessly?

These are the challenges this week - the continuation of the Fact V Fantasy theme, but zooming into our personal lives, this Sun-Saturn square is the Bright Light faced with the Wet Blanket. Do we work with current confines or bemoan our fates?

Authorities (Saturn) can rub us wrong and seem to block us, with a No, Red Tape, Delays, Frustrations, Refusals and other assorted negativities. Parents too. Our Bosses also. This week, how will you handle the rules issued from those above you? Remember that moods affect behavior, so try and fly under the radar Pisces-style, when faced with Sagittarius-flavored hyper-reactions.

So there will be depressing moments this week, and tests of our compassion and flexibility. Remain flexible and maintain an inner bright light optimism that refuses to dampen or dim no matter the terrain, weather, mindset or moment.

And try and STRETCH MORE - this will help physical and mental flexibility, which is needed more than ever right now. When things slow down or seize up, remember that all delays could play in our favor now, if you can Trust That Things Are Unfolding As They Should...

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