Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Sadness, Synchronicity & Slowing Down

As if under cosmic cue, I lost 4 pages I'd written to you. Pisces Season is often about "letting go" one way or another.

Lot of sadness around, whether your own or others suffering. Comes with the astrological territory we are currently traversing. Hang in there. You're not alone! If things get overwhelming, seek a Safe Other to talk to. [I'm still available for chats and readings, email reports are still helpful reminders from your soul]. Find an outlet for feelings. Poetry. Sad music. Chill-out time. People's minds are seeking to RELEASE MENTAL RESISTANCE, by whatever means they can find. Be one of the smart ones who do so within healthy limits (not something traditionally associated with Pisces). Seek a mental release, but be sure to stay grounded. Mercury in Pisces is the cosmic call for us all to root out egoistic thinking and Merge With The Infinite Again. This is the time to bring back your meditation practice, the yoga, mindfulness. Turn Zen, and tune out mental noise.

Mars is now in Taurus. This helps with the grounding. A calm body aids a quiet, calm mind. Go to PHYSICAL COMFORT to tend to 'heavy-mental' emotional stress. 

Allow for extra sleep or some sleepless nights. Mercury in Pisces gives way to Aries this week by the 13th so expect then, minds to turn edgier, angrier, hotter - seeking speedy solutions, new information. Seek and You Shall Find, by the raw Power of Pursuit. We are more able to rewire our brains and carve new neural pathways inside, so that we may explore new pathways, outwardly.

As above, so below. As within so without....

Mercury in Pisces squares Saturn in Sagittarius. Prejudice is rife. What or Who is real, what's fake?

"Fake News" has always been around, we only now have a name for it. Where's the 'fakery' in your own life? 

Depression can set in when either our honesty isn't welcomed, or lies are preferred.  Expressing our feelings honestly is still one of the bravest things we can do this lifetime. What will you stand for and Stand Up For, when it comes down to it?

This Mercury-Saturn stress can be relieved by Remembering That Happiness is a Choice and that Optimism is too. No matter what situation we find ourselves in, we need to embrace both signs: Pisces kaleidoscope of feelings and sensations and Sagittarius' Bigger Picture & desire to magnify.

Magnified feelings help us create works of art, as our creativity grows. Magnified feelings also mean Amplified Grief as well as Amplified Ecstasy. These are the times: this week, Sag-Pisces energy is strong, so you need to find ways to Explore a New Adventure while Maintaining an Inspired Cosmic perspective. Look for Silver Linings in Storm Clouds: "Everything happens for a reason", for example. "It's the Journey that matters most". "Reach for a Better Feeling". "All is Well". "This too, shall pass". "Better Days Are Ahead". Being in the Right Place At the Right Time, despite how things make outwardly look. Trust. Believe. Expect.

These are choices we can all make.

Saturn in Sagittarius can bind us to locations - trapping us in certain times and places to learn specific lessons. Being Trapped, could be a theme that hides a truly cosmic and karmic purpose. We all face Judgment now, our own Judgments or from those thrown our way by those around us. We get to see where we are living narrowly, where Saturn in Scorpio may have quashed our adventurousness, our open-mindedness. We get to choose now to keep breaking the prisons of belief we may have stumbled in. Like planets, are we pulling towards (conjunct) others or away (opposition). Let's try to avoid having or Stories define us. 

We are still Real People, beneath the tales.

Find your freedom where you are.  Look for greater knowledge. Bookstores. Classes. Podcasts. Check out www.astronaut.io for truly Sag-Pisces experience no one else will get to have but you. Sometimes it's good to Pan Way Back, for a more Global Perspective.

Saturn in Sagittarius is the quest for the Truth, but it's also the wall that's built to keep the lies alive.
 The only way through the blocks is a greater understanding of how other people live. Pisces-Sagittarius is the ultimate alignment attuned to Compassion for Those (seemingly) Unlike Us. The guy next door from a different country. The girl at work who follows a different political party.  Our galactic cousins we're possibly yet to meet.

This week then: Soothe your Soul. Align with Others who have compassion enough to care, to listen, to try to understand. Do the same for others. Slow down and catch your breath, this is not a race but do allow new information to pull your mind's eye in new directions. It's Time! 

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