Friday, June 30, 2006

Astrology on TV

A new show takes an Astrologer and a Designer to team up and cast charts to help couples find the ideal home space.

Although they could have used this to do more important or more useful things, it's a great start to see Astrology coming forward (the use of REAL charts) in the public eye - as opposed to mere entertainment and 'jokey' material.


daimones said...

Its a interesting idea -- in theory. But when you see the results, it is hard to imagine that a) the astrologer had any impact on the designer or b) he actually knows what he is doing!

Neil D Paris said...

I agree - I haven't seen the show but I'd imagine only Venus would play a role, along with the Moon. Does the Design world really need Astrology?
How about a show where they could actually help people based on their charts and not just these Dr Phil Tough Love shows.

I don't have cable but I'd love to see the show to see how great (or cringe at how bad) they are!