Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Astrological Signs of the States

For US readers, these are lists of the signs of all States. Are you compatible? Does your state give you an idea of what is going on there?

California is a Virgo State, and it's always been labeled a health-conscious place - facelifts, improvements, health-freaks, detox drinks, and work-work-work as people are driven to prove themselves through what they do. And a lot of wannabe actors end up waiting tables (Virgo is the sign of the helper, servant!). I've met many healers here too - the quest for perfection here is obvious, but the healing that can be done on the road to that elusive 'perfect' place, is amazing.

California is sure to go through major shifts in the coming years - as nowhere escapes these, but since we now have a little more the jigsaw we can relate the chart to events and learn more in time.


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Priestess_Shama said...

This is more of a question..

What sign is Virginia. West V is Gemini, are we to assume that so is Virginia?