Tuesday, June 27, 2006

News Behind the 'News'

With so many changes predicted in the end cycle we are living in (between now and 2012) a lot of old systems are crumbling, fading and falling. It's a difficult time for many, a time of transition - emotionally, materially - in fact on ALL levels.

There are sites I will pass on to you that I have found interesting, insightful regardless of your 'beliefs'. Some information may seem incredible, but Truth is only to be felt inside and not analzyed with logic. many of our beliefs will be turned on their heads in the years ahead. Exciting stuff.

Channeled material from Operation Terra the Three Volumes have some valid information on remaining in your centre while all around shifts.

May be hard to navigate at first, but many theories that were once seen as 'conspiracy' but which now are seen as fact when you look at the evidence and see whats really going on at
David Ickes site.

A Lively Forum for quirky news and again, mre information from behind the scenes.

I'll share more as I discover them.


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