Saturday, June 24, 2006

The Sweet-Sour Sorrow of Endings...

Today, we stand at the Dark Hour - the day before a New Moon.

It is a time of endings, partings, sorrow and loss. The Moon - it's darkest phase before the light is reborn under its New Moon phase - reminds us that some things have to be released. Some things must die in order for something new to be born. Something has to let go. Or let us go.

Whatever emotional connection we are about to face tomorrow - or emotional disconnection - in the greater Story of Planet Earth, remember that the New Moon in Cancer, is only a marker of Energy - and that the PAST (Cancer) is to be looked upon with New Eyes.

Can we forgive, forget?
Can we refuse to look back no matter how crippling the feeling or how amazingly wonderful?
Can we bring the best of the worst forward with us?
Can we realize we aren't the same person we were yesterday?

Can we draw a line and say 'from today I'll be this, and provide this and accept and embrace this?'

Emotions are the driving force behind this entire game.

At the day before the New Moon - we're faced with the decision to let ourselves FEEL OUR DARKNESS - the aching loneliness, echoes of sadness, like a child who gets no visit from Santa, or discovers the possibility he may not be real, or the child who is ignored, overlooked, forgotten or abandoned.

It is our choice which emotions to take with us into the new cycle. Today - let go of all the ones that no longer serve you.

Cry, Dance, Shout, Sing, be rageful, be pissed off, be excited, be regretful, be aggressive, be final, be deliberating, be suicidal, be revengeful, be sad, be ecstatic.....

...but by tomorrow, Let it Sit, Let it Gather Dust, and then Sweep It Away.

A New Moon awaits us all. And with it new feelings are about to come in too. Just wait....


P.S As a gift to facilitate the passage of emotions - I am sharing with you my two favorite songs - in their live versions - Tori Amos' 1000 Oceans and A Sorta Fairytale. Enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing music, thanks for sharing these versions, they are beautiful.