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Mercury Retrogrades in Leo/Virgo - July 4

There is so much material on Mercury Retrograde online I won't rehash the basics - Astrologers love to rant on and on about this period - and people all get to blame problems on this phase, so I'll cover some different topics and underline some relevant themes and dismiss some dubious rumors about it all!


Communciation goes weird if you push ahead too fast or far
Computers have issues - back-up disks
Travel gets tangled - back-up plans, check tickets
Paperwork has errors
Phonecalls are missed or incorrect
Written work needs checking
Signing things gives u a result that isn't what you expected when Mercury goes Direct again
People don't understand, mishear, don't listen are late or disaagreeable


You can go BACK on the past and reevaluate
Visiting old haunts is worthwhile
Reconnecting with people is needed
Resolving old matters works to our advantage and is easier
Clearing up space and our heads help
Revisiting ANYTHING for a second go is a great idea
Going backwards for a bit works out
Taking a time out helps you
Finding things lost is much easier

If you're a little unsure of what this all means you can type 'Mercury retrograde july 4 2006' into a search engine and see what you find (I like people to be their own Astrologers too!) and read up and see what you make of it all too. Experience brings wisdom.

These are my thoughts on it all so you're covered with the important points for this period.

Mercury is communication and when he goes "retrograde" these fields DO feel the effects. Too many examples to mention - but the Bush election says it all - things going missing in the mail (mercury) not being counted (mercury) news being announced that was turned back on itself (mercury) on and on. A mess. A perfect example of what happens when you push at a certain time (though I believe we'll look back and see it was a perfect time to be elected if you want to slip through between the cracks of true public policy..)

However, this period is interesting. Mercury goes backwards on July 4 but there's an entire window to look at. Heres the facts:

  • June 3rd Mercury moved into Cancer
  • June 18th Mercury hits 21 Cancer the point where it will cross repeatedly during this period
  • June 28th Mercury enters Leo
  • July 4th Mercury retrograde at 1 degree of Leo
  • July 10th FULL MOON and Mercury moves backwards into Cancer
  • July 28th Mercury goes Direct at 21 degrees of cancer
  • August 10th Mercury moves back into Leo for the 2nd time this year
  • August 12th Mercury at 1 Leo where it began its backwards motion
So this window lasts really from June 18 to August 12 and events within this timeframe have the telltale signs of Mercury Retrograde.

I have already noticed communication issues already - problems with dialogue, computer issues, not hearing back from people and so forth. We'll go through this in detail now.

On June 28 Mercury enters the sign of LEO - and communication becomes direct, heated and focused on our egos - are we being fulfilled? Are we having our creative say? Leader have a LOT to talk about (Leo rules leadership, monarchies, presidents). Celebrities speak out or a lot of our mental energy is focused on them as we watch, wait, gossip and give them our individed attention.

Well...until July 10 when Mercury changes signs at the FULL MOON (in Capricorn).
He moves into Cancer, the Crab then - and truly softens the focus, cancer is water and relates to emotional energy. Our minds are suddenly taking things more personally, we go inside, we focus on our past (SO many images will pour forth for us all - memories of what have experienced and how we relate it all to now is a big issue).

The US is a Cancer Country (July 4 is its birthday) and I find it hugely symbolic that Mercury retrogrades on this day - it means the year ahead for the country will be a revisioning of al that has gone before.

America in the year ahead will face so many reevaluations - so many laws passed will change, be re-written. What we thought we knew for sure will come to be seen as gossip, lies. Home and family values will be turned on their heads again. Our history will be re-written out here with this placement - the travel industry will be effected again, and I'm sure the building of walls and roads will either help people connect or shut them off from each other.

We'll review things that have happened to us as a nation out here - and will we complain and point fingers of blame or realize it's time to look inside of our collective soul and realize we're wounding ourselves.

Old issues with water will reappear I am sure - talks of New Orleans and perhaps a replay of some older emotional wounds to help us realize we never heal if we keep poking at the sore parts and focus on the symptom (the wound) instead of the cause (our fear and separation).

We have a lot to review - colectively the States wil go through a sort of collective photo-album walk down memory lane - the news media (mercury) wil no doubt wheel out old images. I'm sure Patriotism will be given a new meaning and people will either not rally around the flag as much or it'll appear more than ever before.

Worldwide, however, Cancer Retrograde Mercury will be a similar theme - more about how we relate to our own roots, and our own past, and our families. Are we really in the right place for our soul? Is home feeding us or are we stuck?

Mercury is actually retrograde in the CHART of the U.S which is interesting - the country that is always looking back as well as looking ahead and why there is so much patriotism here - HISTORY (another Cancerian topic) is repeated here and reinforced as children as made to recite (Mercury) the allegiance to the flag. Cancer reinforces itself through its past as I mention at the Cancer Page on my main site - and the States, born with Mercury Retrograde in Cancer, lives this out classically.

There are so many arguments for the 'real' US chart - but I happen to like the Scorpio Rising chart - and for good reason (which is shared by others) since the Rising sign shows how we appear to others, it suggests the Public Persona of the States, the symbolic images used - and the snake with the 'do not dread' warning is important - snakes are symbols of Scorpio but the greatest symbol is the EAGLE - another major symbol of Scorpio and it has become synonymous with this country. POWER is another Scorpio theme of course and this country is seen as a powerhouse and a bully. Nuclear power is Scorpionic and again, the threat of this has been used as a manipulation tactic.

(let me say - that I agree with other Astrologers that the other charts seem to work well with predictions but the charts share similar energy - often reversed axis etc. I enjoyed this article on this subject for those interested But for the course of this blog, right here right now it is unimportant.

With Pluto the planet ruling the US chart (pluto rules manipulation, power all those scorpio elements again) it is an important one to look at - and it opposes Mercury and of course the MEDIA is a major tool of propaganda.

SO back to Mercury - in the 9th House of this US chart - (overseas, legal policies, religion) we can be sure to see some major shifts when Mercury passes over the 21 Cancer mark - so close to the 24 Cancer of the natal Mercury.

Foreign relations are undergoing vast changes - are we headed for an agreement or more separation and more border and immigration shifts (9th house is foreigners too). News at this time is worth keeping an eye on and I will endeavor to do my best.

July 28th Mercury goes Direct at 21 degrees of cancer

Everyone likes to assume all will be back as it was before Retrograde since Mercury does an about turn and carries no his usual path but that's not so. He stop and turns around on the same degree (21 Cancer) again on this day, reinforcing the energies of this placement,.

The Sabian Symbol for this degree is: "A Young Woman Awaiting A Sailboat".

Seems a nice enough symbol. Anticipation. Is the ship bringing aid or the return or something or someone? We can expect an arrival or something at this time, and as she is waiting, I assume it will be something we will be needing or desiring.

July 4th Mercury retrograde at 1 degree of Leo

Independence Day Travel is gonna be interesting in the States - with road closures, traffic problems or accidents, blocks, less or more people commuting than normal. Travel companies are gonna have a hell of a time - GET CAR INSURANCE OR TRAVEL INSURANCE! Back up plans and find alternate routes. Plan. Keep things in your car for an emergency. Plan for delays or unexpected events on the road, on the underground, on plane etc etc. Don't worry at this news just prepare for delays and issues. Relax. Switch off. Don't get involved in stress or drama, tune it out. Ahhh....

Leaders are going to be stewing since Leo is the Monarchy, Presidents, those in Power, and also the entertainment industry - Hollywood, actors, and those on stage. I am sure there will be UNION STRIKES on these fields when Mercury goes retrograde.

Since Mercury spends a lot of time retrograding in Cancer, we'll talk about that later but it is worth mentioning that this period BEGINS with Mercury retrograde in Leo - so Leo issues will be prevalent - how rigid are we being to maintain our position 'in command'. Is our ego defense spoiling the fun? Are we being controlled by our creations? Are we elaborating and getting into dramatic speeches and arguments for the pageantry of life or to cause problems? Are we really in charge of the news? And also - do those in positions of power have the right ideas or answers?

I can't help but smile. I really would not like to be in the shoes of world leaders right now - cock-ups are embarrasing and the public are tired of it. Be warned!

The Sabian Symbol for this degree is: "Having arrived at the site of an epidemic, a doctor gives a press conference on the nature of the disease, and procedures for containment" (from The Zodiac by Degrees)

How interesting. I, and many others, have seen the excuse of 'bio-terrorism' or some other issue that will warrant the need for mass immunization (in order to insert microchips into people if they dont accept them willing) as a possible path ahead. Sounds sci-fi and conspiracy theory but the way the tide is turning, you can research that one for yourself and decide.

However, the idea of quarantines and some sort of 'epidemic' could relate here to some news of something being released on people (by whom, the jury is out) or if not this literal then something being brought to mass attention so we can deal with it.

It doesn't need to be this dire of course. It could simple be an annoucement of ways to ease a situation that is causing stress.

Interesting enough, when Pluto was at this degree, Orson Welles launched his broadcast of the War of the Worlds - where caused a mass epidemic of fear when people thought aliens were invading.

Mercury goes retrograde this day, so medical news may be worth watching. The Patriot Act did state that people can be arrested if they refuse a government issues 'vaccination' but from what I heard, they contact such toxins that they realy are to be avoided. Who knows. I'll check for updates on this. Health is a personal issue and disease is just that - dis-ease - (lack of ease in our own skin and a weak protection of self-love) as giving the power of your health to someone else is not always a wise choice.

July 28th Mercury goes Direct at 21 degrees of cancer

We are back to the symbol we mentioned earlier - the lady awaiting the sailboat. We are back to square one and many things that transpired are given new meaning in the light of Mercury turning Direct once more. Changes of mind, opinion, diagnosis and information. Did we keep our heads? Can we wait and be patient?

Before this date, Mercury going retrograde in Cancer will see an uprise in discontent on the home and family front - news relating to motherhood and problems there - birthing stories, new pills, procedures and new invasions of privacy and our home space are possible.

August 12th Mercury at 1 Leo where it began its backwards motion

August 12 is the day we can finally get back on track when Mercury leaves off where it started turning backwards. So mark this day as the 'all-clear' for the usual things - signing things, travel plans, and other communication related projects or proposals.

The 'epidemic' is either better or worse, and I'm sure more news will be announced relating to whatever this is. But is it now accurate since the news in this ENTIRE period is likely to be dubious, old, not accurate, misinformed and so forth.

So - during this time period - I would really advise just listening to yourself (mercury in Cancer is about psychic energy - intuition, listen to yourself!) I think if you FEEL something then give it credibility instead of putting your faith in the media (Mercury) outside of yourself LISTEN TO YOUR OWN INTERNAL NEWS, your feelings (Mercury retro inner information).

Instinct will be important now - when the facts are distorted and contradictory, are you going to pay attention to your GUT (Cancer also relates to the stomach coincidentally...or not).

As always - use this time period to relax, take a walk down Memory Lane - spend time with real family - the ones who make you feel 'at home' with yourself - and take away anything from your life that doesnt contribute to your sense of safety, wellbeing, comfort and protection.

We're vulnerable at this time - and our soft insides need a strong shell - so don't be afraid to build a defense, just don't wall yourself up. As the epidemic reminds us, symbolically, we all need an immune system to keep unwanted guests at bay. Review your own safety - at home, and in your own personal aura space. Know yourself and decide what you'll stand for and what you yourself do indeed stand for, and represent.

I think Patriotism is going to begin givnig way to our real Cancerian Home - Mother Earth, the Goddess energy and our place in the cosmic family. These are the real values and perhaps soon we'll start raising a flag for the Planet. Events ahead may propel us to band together once more, to celebrate our similar Cancerian roots - that we are all humans of the same family sharing the same home.

Mercury retrograde in Cancer reminds me of this simple and concise philosophy:

Why shit on your own doorstep?


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