Friday, August 11, 2006

More August Drama?

Two other aspects upcoming this month to watch:

Mars opposes Uranus (Aug 13) Mars is firepower, Uranus is shocks, surprises, rebellion. Mars is fists, guns, metal, sharp objects, anger, action, heat, fire!This combo is EXPLOSIVE - sudden events, surprises, u-turns.

Mars is in Virgo, Uranus is in Pisces. Possible manifestations: Explosions within churches or spiritual centres, water electrified or electrocutions/technology explosions. Cyberwar! Possible actual dynamite explosions - but probably involving oil, alcohol, pubs, bars, carriers of liquids - gas stations, oil fields, etc. Explosions or sudden events within gyms, hospitals, offices as possibilities. This one is so surprising though it's hard to predict at all!

California is a Virgo state (Florida is Pisces) so these are place to watch (where I currently am).
Virgos and Pisces are sure to feel quakings inside and they'll need to channel their energy - Sagittarius is also in the mix - make sure if you have strong planets in these signs, you don't play your hand in the drama of planets in these signs this month - Choose The Higher Path!

Of course this aspect would be the one to watch for stages terror attacks to push the agenda of control unfolding. Will the masses wake up? Chaos is sure to ensure. Hopefully enough people can come out and refuse to believe the lies for this to be thwarted.

Mars square Pluto (Aug 29)

A very violent and dangerous aspect. It's nuclear in nature (not necessarily literal). It is rape, fighting, destruction for the sake of it. Power issues! Bloodlust, ruthless and very very nasty.
Globally Mars will be in Virgo, Pluto in Sagittarius.

Pluto represents event affecting the masses. It relates to criminal activity, underground or secret goings-on (Pluto was Hades, the Governor of the Underworld). In Sagittarius, he is already showing his death and destruction within religious fields (holy wars etc). Religion has ALWAYS been a major controlling force on the planet - isn't it over yet? We're right in the thick of it - what people believe they are willing to die for. People are willing to believe anything they hear. However, people are waking up - the internet becomes a place where people can hear the other side of the story.

So this aspect is likely to coincide with major conflict...again. Can we escape August and September without a "terror attack" - again, as I have said and many join me, something created by people who want to blame others and use it for their own purposes.

Hospitals, doctors, gyms, health workers are Virgo. Offices are Virgo. Mars there could bring drama in these fields. Sagittarius is schools, education, universities, libraries, long distance travel companies, churches (religious centres). Could we see the destruction of a major religious symbol in the following weeks as a trigger for yet more global fighting based on religion, control and shady dealings of the people in power?

Knowledge is Power. Enlighten yourself with the full story - gives some ideas on more things behind the news as does and

It seems even some news reporters are waking up and questioning the official stories out there.
Exciting times!

These two planets are not light, not nice but they will manifest somehow. We can help the bigger picture by channeling them in this way:

Mars opposing Uranus - drink more water, get more exercise. Don't spend too much time in front of the computer or TV. Unplug electronics. DO something impulsive before you blow! Avoid being a short fuse, calm down, breathe, SLOW DOWN! Speed is dangerous now and likely to cause many of us accidents - cuts, bangs, bruises or speeding tickets.

Mars square Pluto - go to the gym, burn off calories and anger. Knock down walls. Get passionate on a project. Get rid of crap! Stop repeating old tapes and old conversations. GET OVER IT! Let go, let god. Breathe.

In short - both aspects say relax. Slow down. Let the drama play out. Some people will love to get caught up in it.

Choose Peace. Find a quiet place, light candles, and switch off the TV. Take it easy. Avoid chats with people about all the drama. Go within for news. Avoid Fear and Drama!

I'll post some stories on here, if we can get by without some major ones that most people will get to hear about.

I don't predict very often, but with aspects like these in one month, I had to mention them as preparation for the dramatic times we live in. Remember, it's not as you think it is, and it's not who you think for the reasons you think. The 'big boy hot shots' (Saturn in Leo) have their agendas and it's NOT for the people. Karma is playing out, so bear this in mind.

Drink more water. This month we need it, regardless of how many stories we hear about issues surrounding it!


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Doreen said...

Dramatic times indeed. The Mars-Uranus opposition squares the USA Ascendant at 12 Sag (Sibly Chart). Thus, the explosive nature of the aspect could affect the U.S. as a nation, "personally." Transiting Pluto, at 12 Sag, was conjunct the USA ascendant, on 9/11/2001.

More recently, transiting Pluto in Sag has been opposing the U.S. natal Mars (21 Gemini), itself squared by Neptune (22 Virgo), indicative of our national trait to be conflicted and in conflict over war and peace. So, transiting Mars is going to join the fray, as it were, just before Pluto stations and then starts to pull out of that t-square with US Mars & Neptune. In other words, "it's not over 'til it's over."

Just describing these aspects is agitating a bit of fear in me. So, thank you for the advice to avoid the fear and drama, choose peace, relax, breathe, drink water, and exercise.

And, may I add: pray and meditate for peace. One can light candles in cyberspace at