Friday, August 11, 2006

Restrictions on Liquids?

A ban (Saturn red-tape) on liquids (Neptune rulership) on flights (Aquarius rulership, where Neptune currently resides) in the UK?

It sounds an awful lot like Saturn opposing Neptune - the aspect I already talk about in The Upcoming Reality Check.

Notice I mentioned liquids a couple of weeks ago? Good, you're paying attention! Saturn loves to limit and restrict, and Neptune, as the ruler of alcohol, water, streams, oceans, soda, and all other liquids is about to oppose him at the end of August. Neptune is tricky - he gets you to look one way while he does something else!

Water of course can turn to gas, and comes in many forms - ice, streams, soda, bottled water, alcohol, the human body (we're mostly water!) tides, ponds, polar ice caps, etc etc/

This is foreshadowing of an even greater story about to play out. Personally I feel this is all well-timed propaganda to fuel the War Machine, (a foiled plan to blow up UK planes) at a time when people are beginning to wake up to the Neptune lies and opposing the war.

Look at the FULL MOON Blog i just wrote and see how close it came to this - how it would be a trigger for this bigger story playing out? If not, read back a few articles.

As many have said, a 2nd 9/11 would be the excuse to declare Martial Law, and change laws dramatically. Scare tactics are nothing new in these times of war and money and power and dictatorship of course. The UK is a close ally of the US (Cancer = US and Capricorn = UK both buddy-buddy opposite signs). Bush was quick to step up and use this as his own reason for his personal actions.

I don't feel the Government (Saturn) can continue under the weight of such deceit (Neptune) but they will surely try.

Events as Aug ends and September begins will be an eye-opener. Nothing is as it seems - whose reality is this and who do you believe?

Trust yourself - all else right now has a bias. Period.

More stories of gas, liquids, water ahead - keep a look out and if you get a chance, share them here with our Readers.

What a bizarre Alice-in-wonderland kinda month this is. How about using the energy to feel inspired instead of being lost in confusion. Watch out for your addiction to drama on your TV - find something better to do. I never heard about this news story until a friend mentioned it!
However I will endeavor to be your roving reporter on the current planetary positions and what it all means.

Things can go many directions, but we can witness and report some of them.

Create your own reality and dismiss fear from your space!


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