Thursday, August 24, 2006

Pluto is Dead! (Get it?!)

I woke up to the news today that Pluto's officicial title of "Planet" (Plan-E.T - thats a meditation for another day...) has been transformed (Pluto = transformation) and it's former title is Dead (Pluto = death). Suddenly it's allowed to have its title as Planet. and suddenly it's taken away..

Siuch is the nature of Death - the energy that Pluto rules! Gotta love Astrology - the eternal last laugh to Astronomy. How embarrassing.

Astrologers of course get the cosmic joke, but Astronomers (who love the cause not the effect) are all scientifically clamouring for reasoning on something that really....doesn't matter one iota!

Pluto is the ruler of the Underworld, Death, Transformation, Nuclear Power, Mass Awakening, Soul Stuff and Intensity.

What a perfect time to be talking about him, and giving him so much press. He won't like it though - Pluto likes the shadows, but even the shadows need their time in the light.

On February 4: Pluto was at 26:00 Sagittarius and some Astrologers (including myself) reported him as being conjunct the Galactic Centre (see my posting here about it). However I have come to learn this was incorrect and that the Galactic Centre is at 26:55 Sagittarius (so sue me).

It was very close indeed.

For those of you wonder the Galactic Centre is the exact centre of the galaxy.

The Pluto conjunction with the Galactic Centre does not occur until later this year, December 28, 2006. It is very important at that time, although it is within one degree of the Galactic Centre all year, Pluto retrogrades on April 1, 2006 and misses an exact conjunction until December 28, 2006. We will feel the effect all year. This event occurs every 248 years so it is indeed significant.

So all this talk of Pluto and its upcoming meeting with the Centre of the galaxy, is all very Star Trek/Star Wars stuff. What will happen?

Guaranteed we are going through a reevaluation of all things Pluto - What is death? Isn't it pointless if we come back in another form? Is death really real? What about the underworld - if the government are perpetrating crime on a mass scale right in front of us all in broad daylight, then doesn't Pluto's rulership over underworld crime become 'above ground crime' also?

TRANSFORMATION - at a time when we talk about Child abuse and murder (Jon Benet Ramsey) at a time when countless people are being slaughtered for the issue of power, the very planet representing all of this is demoted - a move of Power from those who feel they can name. label and dissect our world.

How about looking to Earth, Astronomers, instead of peering so far out at the Galaxy you're missing the ridiculous events playing out in your own backyard!? Astrologers will have their time in the spotlight of course, but if we continue to move into conflict, we energize Pluto's old ways.

Side Note: At the same time we were told Ceres is now a dwarf planet and not a major body. Ceres relates to food, and also Demeter - the mother of Persephone who was dragged into the underworld (by Pluto!) and raped. How fitting that Ceres relates to child-rearing issues and mother-daighter connections. Jon benet's mother of course hit the headlines, who herself died only a month ago.

"Children of Men" is a film out soon whose plot involves humanity without the ability to produce children anymore. Ceres child-rearing, and Pluto birth/death.

Pluto digs things up - resurrects them - to prove that nothing ever dies.

It only changes form.

Pluto's status may have changed for but it won't effect its power on us all. We are changing our relation to the energy of transformation.

Is this a sign of an awakening or an attempt to control something outside of ourselves, because we are still missing the point that outside forces are mere mirrors to what we are, who we are, and what we think we are...inside. always...will tell.

Death, Death, Death. Rebirth. Rebirth. Rebirth.

Watch for more news of this stuff as 2006 rolls on, more extreme and at times, sadly ironic and funny.

Killing the Grim there's an idea for a new film. Who's going to copyright it first?


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