Saturday, August 26, 2006

My Fast

I just completed a 1.5 day fast with water and fruit that ended this evening. I wanted to make use of this Virgo New Moon period to cleanse my body and mind.
It's amazing what 'comes up' physically and emotionally and mentally when you go through a fast. It's a great experience - letting your digestion catch up with you for one. Fruit is a cleanser, it doesn't feed you so much as clean out of you that which doesn't belong inside, for optimum health.

Of course, I did snack on some chocolate this evening but all good things deserve a reward, right?
With my vegetarian diet, I'm usually in tip-top condition thankfully. So this cleansing was a gentle one - although I did notice an outbreak on my face (minor) and some stomach discomfort (not so minor) as my body used the fruit to expel toxins.

How is your new health plan going?



Brad said...

I so didn't know you had a blog, now I can add it to the number of things that distract me during my day. I am so proud to have found you and read your weekly horoscopes. Now I am also corrected that you are in LA not Seattle.

Thanks again.

Doreen said...

Though perhaps your question is rhetorical, I'll share what's been happening in my world. I took your New Moon in Virgo suggestions seriously because I have Saturn at 3 Virgo and Saturn in Virgo likes to be taken seriously where health regimens are concerned. Also my progressed New Moon (several years ago) was at 00VI39, very near that Virgo New Moon and that seems to continue to be a sensitive point. I got a checkup and learned that my cholesterol is high, higher than it's been before. I declined my doctor's suggestion of medication which has potential side effects of muscular weakness, joint dysfunction, and liver damage and am implementing some significant dietary changes. I've also commenced the study and practice of QiGong. I'd be interested in others' experiences as well.
Peace - Doreen (aka Demeter)