Sunday, August 27, 2006

Repressive Relations: Venus/Saturn conjunction

Whether what we love seems go to sour, or what is sour we suddenly seem to love (namely hard-work, being regimented and on-track, on-time and on-the-ball) this weekend we saw the Saturn-Venus conjunction - an aspect formely associated with relationship difficulties, but also associated with: a tightening of the purse (as well as heart) strings, sudden love affairs with bosses or people in positions of power, enjoyment of discipline (S&M folk or abusive relationship addicts loved this weekend), father issues reappearing in couples lives (along with rules, routines and issues pertaining to who does what).

If you felt the pinch in the pocket of in the chest then this weekend was all about tightening up. From budgets to bosom buddies - what we value underwent an evaluation - and we'll pass or 'fail' depending on whether we are placing value in things that are inherently helping us grow. If not, it maybe time to say bye bye to that once-was-a-luxury and now-is-a-pain-in-my-life thing you've been courting.

We usher in the Mars-Pluto square which I already wrote about, I'll remind you in a few days. It's an AMAZING time to deal with anger management - along with getting into major conflicts in the hopes (we hope) of resolving them. It's boiling point for many people.
SO in the next week, taking things easy is truly a worthwhile endeavor. Is it really worth losing your head/job/lover/comfort/sanity/energy over?

Back with you soon, for now, let your heart open up once more - the stabilizing effect of Saturn says 'Wisen up' to the things you so love and value, so that you don't turn them into Gods and don't start valuing things that aren't that good for you (like sticky toffee mmm!)

Once you get smart and get real on it all, the vice loosens and you're less in the grip and more in the mood for a grope. Not a bad gift, after such a serious weekend, eh?


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