Friday, September 08, 2006

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Pisces

We're currently under a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse phase, in the sign of Pisces (15 degrees).

Lunar Eclipses packs a more powerful emotional punch than normal Full Moons, magnifying emotional issues, domestic situations, and bring forth the things that dwell in our unconscious so we have a chance to deal with them. We're reminded under a Lunar Eclipse that our INNER world truly creates out OUTER world - what we feel, leads us to choices and reactions that create our Path.

Under Pisces, the Eclipse takes on even more strikingly emotional over and undertones. As the last sign, things becomes nebulous, foggy, yet somehow it all ties together. We're ready to sleep more, take a breather, give up, quit, opt out or just let things coast a while. That's if we don't suffer an emotional meltdown in equal measure to our previous emotional repression.

If it doesn't connect, we move forward for now and leave it behind or else get sidetracked trying to make sense of something that truly escapes us. Under the last sign, the Lunar Eclipse asks for some sort of completion and dissolution of barriers, borders & ego.

I smiled when I read about the little "Mermaid Girl" who had her legs separated under the Pisces Lunar Eclipse (the sign of the fish). A full BBC page was dedicated to sexual addiction (Pisces relates to addictions of all kinds, especially sexually - since sex equals a loss of the ego and Piscean energy seeks to lose itself and merge with something greater than itself). The first cannabis-based medication for MS has been approved in the UK (Pisces relates to drugs). Meanwhile, a new study shows Crystal Meth taken during pregnancy can lead to underweight babies.

During this Pisces Full Moon Lunar Eclipse:

Let go of blocks, give up resistance, stop 'holding on'
Keep charting a course while letting things take their course
Release ego attachment with meditation or another spiritual discipline
Drink more water, bathe more, spend time round water
Listen to Classical music
Stop dwelling or playing victim
Remember your connection to something greater - be it God, the Universe etc
Forgive yourself and others for transgressions (forgiving doesn't mean letting people walk on you, but that you realize the situation manifested because you allowed it on some level, or were meant to experience it)
Practice a psychic or spiritual ritual - cleanse your space, perform some personal magick
Let down your guard but be careful not to let in unwanted energies or people
Dissolve the need to be first, foremost, understood or in control
Be careful of addictions and ecapism on all levels - denial, delusion and defeatism run rampant
Refuse to get caught in emotional whirlpools
Be honest about how you feel - first step in breaking low-energy 'chains'
Be part of the whole, yet find space to be by yourself
Create a Dream Diary
Have some therapy
Go for non-traditional remedies
Drink more chamomile, sink into a warm bath
Paint, doodle, write (create a journal or blog), sing, go dancing
Get physical to keep 'emotional overload' at bay
Relax - we're human, with feelings and emotions are the key to everything. Feel them. Then release them.

Earth, I have said before is the hEart (a lexigram of the word Earth itself) chakra of the Universal Body. Emotions are e-motions; energy in motion. Gaining an understanding of how emotional energy works is a way through this period. Where we direct our emotional energy will determine what we see play out on our perceptual TV-Screens, within the movies of our lives.

Being in a moment, accepting how we feel and then acting on improving our condition or seeking out healthy ways to increase of energy and feelings of wellbeing is our personal responsibility during this cycle. Don't go for logic - work on your right brain. Be psychic. Follow a hunch. Shuffle tarot cards, make a guess. What does your gut say? Do you know what a 'third eye' is or what color your'fourth chakra' is? Research these things. Have a sip of your favorite drink, just don't go overboard. Remember that no one has the ulimate truth, that we're all in this together, and merge yourself with this feeling of connectedness.

Pisces, as the last sign represents the final stage of the soul's journey, a preparation to take flight in new realms. The desire to escape life, a sort of suicidal death wish, is ever-present (the number of Pisces with drink, drug and addiction issues is too numerous to mention - Liza Minnelli, Liz Taylor, Bruce Willis, Kurt Cobain for example).

Finding a more spiritual way of finding this inner emotional peace, often comes from seeking some form of spiritual discipline. Astrology, Kabbalah, Meditation, Prayer, Creative Visualization, Retreats, or some form of physical expression - dance, movement, massage. Or giving voice to creative powers - writing, acting.

This Pisces Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is where fact meets fiction and where the world of the real meets the world of the unreal - seek to lose yourself in something meaningful, instead of disappearing down the stream of Pisces second symbolic fish, into a wasteland of wasted opportunity and emotional black-holes.

Lunar Eclipses are powerful - some wound, problem, aching need, and unfilled void often appears as a reminder of what is left incomplete in your life. Since the Moon represents our habits, childhood, mothering (or lack of it) past lives and deepest soul needs in this lifetime, then the Lunar Eclipse (as the lunar light is overshadows temporarily, become confused and then very clear. The question becomes:

What are you going to do about the very obvious needs you currently have?

Often, the answer comes purely by asking the question. Pisces energy manifests in unclear and unfocused ways, but it is a powerful elemental sign - water, that erodes away the toughest barriers, the ocean meeting the cliffs, the stream meeting the pebble. Wear away resistance in your life now, by focusing on where your needs are, and what your emotions are saying.

If you feel it, it's valid.
But you're not your feelings
and even this shall pass.



KC said...

Neil - I am so excitted to have come by your blog - in a round about way. Someone did a search pertaining to the Full Moon in Virgo and the Partial Eclipse and stumbled across my blog... which subsequently lead me to yours.

I love the wealth of knowledge you share with your readers and look forward to coming by to continue educating and feeding my passion - astrology. My blog contains very little in ways of astrology and rather concentrates on my personal journeys as a Sagittarius - galloping my way thru the world...

I feel blessed to have come by here... and look forward to spending more time here....

Neil D Paris said...


Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a piece of your energy here, and sharing your thoughts. I know in todays fast-paced Aquarian Age most of us rush by without taking a time out to stop and breathe, so it was an honor to hear from you. I checked out your blog - and I am going to be a regular visitor. Your journey is a rich one - I have my Moon in Sagittarius and as an Archer Sun yourself, you know the Journey is the Destination. Here's to all we learn along the way!

Nicki said...

I came across your blog looking for some more insight into this eclipse occurring tomorrow. I don't know much about astrology, but I am enjoying learning - I am an aries with Pisces moon. I know this eclipse is supposed to affect people in pisces - how does it affect those with pisces moon? I would be grateful for more knowledge!

Anonymous said...

today could be summed up by everything you mentioned regarding the pices lunar eclipse. total emotional meltdown and a feeling of hopelessness with long time family things and in my love relationship. intense. glad to read what you posted for after the "storm" passed i feel dazed and not quite sure where it all came from or where it is headed. one thing i do know is i have much to ponder and as always observe about myself. well i was just about to run a bath and make some chamomille tea... no lie... then i read your suggestions on getting thru it. thanks

Neil D Paris said...


Depending on where your Pisces Moon falls (close to the Eclipse which was 1 Degree Virgo and 1 Degree Pisces) you'll be affecting very strongly in an emotional sense. As the posting mentions, this could be a high or a low or some form of completion regarding the House it falls in.

In General, if the Eclipse falls across your Moon you could see a shift at home, within yourself and your sense of security and emotional well-being, you may find family changes or a confrontation or development with your Mom, or you may feel it's time to let go of old habits and move on from something or someone.

Neil D Paris said...


Thanks for checking in - great to know you came across the Blog at the right time. I love how that works. Hang in there - sounds like you're truly living out the energies of the Eclipse and if you ride the tide, you'll end up in a great place emotionally, so here's to letting the old go and allowing in the new!

Anonymous said...

Hi Neil i af fascinated in spirituality and as we live in the ohysical or real world we look into how spirituality is involved in many different areas of our lives. And from an astrologial perspective i am captivated in reading your web page and the information was very valuable
Now i dont know which moon is in mine 12th october 1963 Thanks so much again