Sunday, January 20, 2008

Aquarius Season!

Finally, we transition out of the Winter Sign of Capricorn - and the hard slog and wear and tear on our bodies, of hard work, of saving for the cold season, of hibernation and dark mornings and early nights...into the fresh air of Aquarius, the final Air sign of the zodiac wheel.

Now we get to focus once more on the energy of our current Age - the Aquarian attributes within us all of uniqueness, innovation, zany and wild wackiness, total individuality, humanity/brother/sisterhood, equality and the breaking of the rules and regulations (capricorn) that have passed before us and have passed from use.

Each day, each week, each minute, our life calls for something NEW from us. Why do we spend each day reacting the same, doing the same things in the same ways?

You are a totally new being right here, right now, reading this. There ARE no rules on how to live, except the ones you give for yourself. And chances are, you're living by some pretty hard and fast written-in-capricorn-stone ones.

Ditch 'em.


Now, you get to join the paradigm-busters, who are dispersed across the globe, breaking the rules in order for a new way of life to burst forth - a way that incorporated all of life, does not exclude and champions Freedom, Liberation, and Equality for all. We are One, shouts Aquarius.

Wherever Aquarius falls in your own chart
(Grab your free copy here NOW if you don't have one!) - whichever HOUSE it falls in, shows where these attributes are ready to shine within you and your life.

If you have planets in Aquarius,
you're a key player in shaping a new society in these current years of unrest and tribal transition. Stop hiding in the shadows.

All of us could do with tapping into the current pulse of rebelliousness, recklessness (we all need a dash of this to offset becoming boring, rundown and listless).

Change is a way of life, and it's time to let some fresh air into your own life. It's the season. When all else are going East, take a look West. If everyone says No, try raising your hand with a Yes. Progress happens when you risk leaving the safety of the familiar behind.



P.S The symbol above this blog is the Aquarius glyph, to help you find it in your own Chart. Leave comments if you need any help. Or if you'd like to show off just how Aquarian you are in a specific area of your own life: To start you off, I have Mars (how I act) in Aquarius, and Aquarius lies within my Third House of Writing, Speaking. I'm a spokesperson for this Age, and technology (Aquarius) is one of my tools. Voila!


Anonymous said...

With all due respect to Capricorn -my mother was one and she was quite a woman - thank goodness for forwarding thinking Aquarius.

I always wish mankind could learn our lessons and as change occurs that we could hold on to the positives that result from our struggles and shed only the negatives. However, if we are not viligent we seem to forget our lessons and back slide and have to repeat and have to relearn and reclaim those positives.

So here is hoping 2008 marks a time when mankind moves forward shedding the negatives and holding the positives up for all to see giving us a new starting point. Marti

himmetje said...

I have Aquarius in my fifth house and have come to realise that the last couple of years I'm beginning to speak about the importance of sex in everyones life. It is the juice of life, the juice of ones spirit and the most liberating and joyful expression of interacting with oneself or with another human being. Just saying sex (and I don't mean inviting to have sex) can get eyes start to sparkle or twinkle. For example: I never say 'cheese' when someone takes a photo of me, but I say 'sex'. Great pictures I can tell you that! Truly, sex is magic if you can feel it inside of you (and of course sometimes part of the magic is the naughtiness of expressing it freely). Is this Aquarian energy? I think so.
Heleen (from Holland, so forgive me my clumsiness perhaps in expressing)

Neil D Paris said...

Marti: I second that. We have many chances (when in the flesh) to start over and reach for a higher path, a better choice, a more fulfilling option. And that's the beauty of "time" in the 3-D world - we have plenty of of, to use to live and learn. Thanks for posting your thoughts as always!

Himmetje: Aquarius in the 5th - thanks for being the first to share where YOUR Aquarius is. You're a sexual experimenter - wonderful. You can get us all to shake loose of inhibitions by being a leader in this realm in an Aquarius fashion - breaking rules that society says we "should" follow. Exciting stuff!

Anonymous said...

Aquarius in my natal birth chart location in 11th house, the 9th house in my solar return chart. They seems started to affect me, I need to travel a few cities next week (5th house) for the discussion groups and visit galleries, travel with friends(11th house), argued about fair trade with my partner this evening(5th hse again). WOW spot on!

Anonymous said...

I have a son that was born in Febuary 1962. He has the Sun,Mercury, Mars, Jupiter,and Saturn all in Aquarius sitting in his 12 hs opposite his moon in Leo in the 6 hs. Uranus sits in his 7th hs exactly opposite his Aquarian ascendant. I did not raise him, he raised me! I had always wondered what was in store for him with that loaded 12 hs.

We found out last year that he has an inherited disease called C.M.T Variant #1. Many of the doctors do no know what this disease is. The tissue that covers the nerves slowly disintregrates and causes the muscles in his hands, arms, and legs to become useless over time. It also effects his breathing. It is a very painfull disease as the nerves become exposed over time.

He also has his venus in Pisces in his 1st hs and is a very compassionate person with a sweet disposition.

The first signs of this disease is that the legs begin to look like inverted champagne bottles. And he was always dropping things when he was little. Add to that the wiring in his brain is different, ofcourse when they did those tests they could not explain why.

He certianly is living proof that Aquarian's are in a class of their own. I have a Capricorn ascendant with Uranus exactly sitting on my 5 hs cusp.

Do you know of any research being done for the babies born during February 1962 with the 5 planets in Aquarius? I would love to find others who were born during that same time. Astrologically that was a very interesting time to be born?


Neil D Paris said...


I'm glad you left your thoughts and questions regarding the multi-Aquarius babies at that period of time, I do not know myself of anyone doing research in this area, but now thaty you've left this and put it out there so to speak, people may be drawn here and be able to help you out further.

As you may know, Aquarius relates to the nervous system of the body, as well as the lower legs (calves, ankles) and the 12/6 axis in the chart relates to Health. It is no surprise therefore that this soul may have chosen to work through physical challenges in this particular lifetime (Venus in Pisces would show even greater sensitivity and compassion).
There are no mistakes or accidents or defects at birth that aren't meant to be there for the soul choosing that particular body (we're smarter than just showing up in a body and saying 'uh-oh'!)

12th House stelliums are often a cleansing, clearing lifetime. And these souls teach others around them the lesson of compassion and caring also. Oftentimes, the soul chooses the 12th house lifetime as a balance to being too independent, so they can allow themselves the chance to let others help them (12th house disability or difficulty). And you yourself no doubt are being offered a chance to share some of the pisces/12th house energy and show compassion, nurturing and helping/healing in the process of caring for this soul.

Pretty great how it all works out this way?

Let me know any further info you find and I'll do the same.


Neil D Paris said...

As a final thought - the children born when there were 5 planets in Aquarius were 'wired' differently, and many many find the translation of this energy into the physical body a challenge. Too much electrical inteference around them can throw them off, (computers, TV etc) tho they are whizzes at this field.

It's hard to be nervous-system-wired for great inputs of energy, and many born at that time will have found various ways to incorporate it into their physical self - like giant hard drives!