Monday, January 21, 2008

Trouble Talk:? Mars is still Retrograde

We have until January 30th for Mars to end its Retrograde Rumblings and move direct and business-as-usual.

He's currently stomping backwards through the sign of Gemini. How is it manifesting for you?

Angry words, irritable emails, arguments, nasty conversations, and old issues dragged up to be thrown at you, seemingly out of nowhere?

Impatient drivers, car accidents or issues with the car/computer/telephone that forces you to take it in AGAIN (it's not the best time for buying a new car, computer, telephone etc) to be fixed or fiddled with?

Re-running errands and re-contacting people who won't return your call or who seem to vanish or say they'll do something and who end up not doing it?

Re-viewing old writing, journals etc, and going back over old ideas and re-working them? The Writer's Strike here in Los Angeles continues under Mars Retrograde in the sign of Writing.

Clearing the air by going back to talk over old grievances, or just dwelling on them by replaying old thoughts over and over and over and over?

There are many ways Mars Retrograding in Gemini can manifest in your life and the greatest ones to encourage are the fine-tuning of your thoughts, the getting off your chest of things you've wanted to say, to work on better communication between people (and yourself) and finding better, more efficient ways to connect with people around you.

Life is communication and without it, everything breaks down. What you say now is less important than HOW you're saying it.

Use this Retrograde period to lessen the negatives where possible, and work on establishing a better space for YOURSELF by allowing an open door, an open mind and a sign over your head that says 'You can connect with me, but only if you are respectful enough to be honest, say what you want, and then to listen while I do the same'.

Gemini is a sign not only of speaking but also of listening. How well are you hearing others?

Keep it clean and keep it clear.

Most of the time we forget, that in reality, there's no one "out there", and we're really talking/arguing/fighting with ourselves.



Liz said...

Hi, Neil. You were right on with this one! I could relate to your blog a little TOO well this time. Ha ha ha. Thank you for your fabulous insight again!

Anonymous said...

Funny. I had noticed that I was arguing with myself, but had also spoken with several people who admitted to doing the same thing. You are so insightful. M