Sunday, January 27, 2008

Inventive, Insane or Insightful?: Mercury goes Retrograde in Aquarius (Jan 28 - Feb 18)

At 1.31pm PST on Monday Jan 28, Mercury goes retrograde officially at 23 Aquarius.

Are you ideas unique enough? Is your thinking a little TOO crazy? What is crazy and how do you know? Is sanity a good thing? Is it time to rethink your rebellious strategies or possibly time to break free further and stop towing the party line?

Are your friends really your friends?
Are YOU a decent friend? What IS a friend? Is your social circle smothering you or championing your cause - and is your cause something that champions everyone else? Are you being a team player or a team hater?

Is society backwards,
or should you be moving backwards to make sense of and contribute to where society currently is?

Is it time to reevaluate your goals? Where did you want to be this year? Where do you want to be now? Are your goals in line with who you REALLY are, or are you questing after something you no longer want?

Are you free of your own mental loops or are you victim to your own incessant "monkey-chatter"? Can you calm your mind and still be open to 'downloading' some amazing ideas?

Is logic helping or is it time to leave yourself open for a flash of insight, an intuition and a lightening bolt from the blue?

In Aquarius, Mercury is on hyper-speed, and overdrive, and it's a great thing we're moving into Retrograde before we suffer burn-out. Technology can only do so much and we can only expect so much of technology before we crash and burn, or drive ourselves mad. Does speeding up help, or does it make us even more impatient when we don't receive the email, don't get the returned call or don't hear the news NOW NOW NOW.

Mercury Retrograde is ALWAYS about slowing down,
backtracking, having a mental time out and letting ourselves catch up with ourselves. We all get inundated with ideas, media, stories, news, possibilities, thoughts, conversations, text messages, emails, letters, snail mail, paperwork, computer files, technology issues. On and On.

Retrograde Mercury helps us to let it all catch up with itself - everything you have said, thought and dwelt upon, is still out there, flying through the air, thoughts with wings, lingering around, still finding their targets. We can do nothing right now but let it all unravel, unfold and settle.

The Great News:

Mercury Retrograde begins in harmony with the Moon - to help us to decide if something is what we really NEED right now. Rearranging our home spaces seems inevitable as we seek more comfort, and a place to rest our heads. Play with Feng-Shui. Family talks and heart-to-heart chats with anyone near and dear to you run smoothly now if you allow yourself to go BACK and talk over unresolved issues as they reappear now.

Mercury Retrograde begins in harmony with Mars -
to help us work out if we're really acting in accordance with what we're thinking about. Actions speak louder, and there's no need to shout to be heard. Are you walking your talk? Acting on what you keep mentioning? Moving towards what you keep thinking and chatting about? Getting your head in gear with your feet and moving forward, comes when we take a look back and decide what should continue on with us, and what we can leave behind. A parting of the ways is imminent.

The GOOD OR BAD NEWS (depending on how you see it, how you act on it and your general personality type)

Mercury Retrograde is tied to Neptune, the planet that dissolves things, blurs and blends, confuses and creates chaos so we can forget, and lose our place, so that we an find our place in the bigger scheme of things.

Mercury loves logic, yet with Neptune,
all thoughts risk becoming tangled up in fantasy, illusion, lies and deceit. Fantastic for poets, writers, advertising campaigns, politicians and anyone who wants to use beautiful words to move us, inspire us, make us feel something or generally pull the wool over our eyes.

Losing keys (Mercury rules), forgetting where we parked the car (Mercury ruled), losing our map or bus schedule or paperwork (all Mercury ruled) all seem distinct possibilities when your mind is full of fluff and you lose track of the details.

Create a spare key, back up computer files (as always under retrograde) and realize you may be more SPACEY than usual. Allow for this - time outs, when you sit and stare at the sky, light candles, drift to your favorite music, doodle/draw/paint/sing, take extra baths/showers or go swimming, eat chocolate or ice cream or sip your favorite drink and disappear off into another realm. Creativity runs high, so does psychic intuition, but keep a trail of breadcrumbs scattered so you can find your way back to 'reality'.

Mercury Retrograde is also tied to Chiron
- the soft spot. Is no one listening? Are you not being heard? Why do you have to repeat yourself? Why do you need to re-write it, or re-sign or re-evaluate or re-discuss what was already completed?

You may have to go over old ground - and you may NOT be speaking as clearly as you think. Double check. Speak slower. Especially over the computer, lines get crossed, people mistake what was said. Clarify. Be logical, but don't think you have all your bases covered. Don't expect to be told the truth automatically, truth is relative to the teller right now. Listen. Ask questions if need be. And clarify with a follow up.

But each one is different - this one relates to the questions I asked at the top of this post. It's worth answering each one. Get perspective. Gain clarity. Then slow down and let things take their natural course. There'll be changes again once Mercury goes Direct and back on track.

In the meantime, watch for clues, spot the signs and yes - expect a REVISIT WITH THE PAST - the things you've said, the things you wrote, the things you didn't say and didn't write, old flames and old connections that aren't finished or which ARE finished on one end but not on the other.

DO we repeat the past or write ourselves a new script?

Seek completion, and resolution, INSIDE first before tackling the issues on the outside.

And remember...

It all comes back to HOW YOU THINK about the subject or issue at hand. It's how you see it, view it, talk about it (to yourself and others).


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