Friday, January 25, 2008

The Current and Coming Crumbling: Pluto enters Capricorn (Jan 25)

Today marks the end of an era - or at least the first official whisperings of what is to come, now that Pluto - the manipulator of matter to create the loss of what is no longer needed, the rebirther who takes without mercy that which blocks us from our true natures, the destroyer - who brings death and destruction to annihilate outworn methods and modes of operation in order that a better way may be found (a healthier, saner, more productive and spiritual orientation is found) is changing signs.

Pluto, not long ago demoted in a ridiculous bid to control a name (yet of course finding ourselves unable to control an essence or energy) is a marker of society in a specific generation, and outlines where the biggest Changes, the most intense shifts, and the most final endings are experienced.

Pluto just moved out of Sagittarius (since January 1995) clearing, cleansing, destroying, rebuilding and digging up dirt in the fields of Education, Religion, Foreign Connections and Policies, Law, The Travel Industry amongst other Sagittarian fields.

What can we expect during this new era as Pluto marches into Capricorn TODAY?
Pluto takes 284 years to travel around the zodiac, bringing slow change, but definite change - simmering beneath the surface, ready to reveal itself in a moment when EVERYTHING shifts and nothing remains the same, no one escapes the feeling that something has ended, a new chapter has begun.

Pluto in Capricorn "Predictions":

Will desire further control, exercised as more borders and border patrol possibly, or the tearing down of barriers and borders to shepherd and police a greater area with ease. The move to centralize power - a central bank, a central technology branch, micro chipping, quarantines. Capricorn relates to structures such as laws and walls - these will become immense or fall - possibly both.

Pluto type people will be elected (Hilary Clinton is a Scorpio so she's the likely candidate for President 2009 (When Neptune (the actor planet) was in Capricorn, Ronald Reagan (the actor) was elected. In other countries, Scorpionic or Plutonian people will be elected to bring massive change and shocking shifts to the world and the countries they 'rule' over.

Assassinations within governmental bodies - more intrigue, secrets, yet shadows revealed and the shock of the public and the desire to 'bring down' (Pluto) those who have had too much control.


Capricorn rules time - watches, clocks, time-travel, calendars. A change in the way we measure time - transportation that gets you there 'in under 5 minutes' where it once took 12 hours. More talk on time travel. The speeding up or slowing down of time. A calendar or time zone shift or solar storms that create a new system of time (due to changing light on the planet).

The history of child abuse within families and governmental and other bodies of power may surface showing a web of intrigue that spans the globe and has been kept secret for quite some time. Abusive families are brought to task. The "Father" figure is a focus - in movies, in the media, in talk shows.

What works, what doesn't? A lot of talk on new policies and the wiping out of old ones that seemed to make sense.


The biggest mergers we have seen to date - and the biggest crashes and bankruptcies we've ever heard of. Bank closures, foreclosures and a LOT of talk on debt - as countless people suffer the backlash of living outside of their means.

Those who have long talked about the corruption and conspiracies at work will be given a greater voice as we begin to see the unraveling and revealing of long-held plans to control, dominate. As society begins to purify itself - a lot of crap hits the fan and a lot of puss oozes from our collective wounds. The darkest point before the dawn that we need before we can see the way ahead clearly.


No more excuses - we begin to see the "reality" behind how we've been living and major recycling campaigns continue or step up - as people are asked to re-use and not waste - or face heavy fines. Everyone begins to step up to the plate and realize their big part to play in the world's collective need to clean up the mess. Heavy policing is balancing by people policing themselves and holding THEMSELVES accountable.


More military presence, more uniforms and more bullying tactics out of a fear of loss of control. People in power fear they are losing their hold and so step up their own campaigns to keep people in the dark, or under control or in fear. If they're smart, citizens of the world will see through the ongoing scam and realize all control stems from fear, and that fear must be resolved inside each person, for the control on the outside to subside.

People who own their own company, are bosses or in positions of power and control -
will face tests of power - if they abuse their position they will be stripped of their title, or fall from grace. Pluto takes without mercy. People will lose their reputation, respect in the eyes of the world, their social standing, and everything they have spent time building to date if they abuse their position and responsibility and trust, entrusted to them.

Faces an overhaul - no more polluting of peoples minds (via media), no more brain control, fear tactics or rules that keep people disenfranchised.


Some outstanding and astounding people "getting to the top" (either physically with mountain climbers or those who scale to great heights in the physical world or those who do so by making a comeback or rags to riches stories from people who appear from nowhere). As Capricorn is achievement, Pluto could bring some surprising and profound people to the top.

Institutions may reveal new logos or symbols of their new desire to conquer or climb. New 'power clothes' or 'power names' to dominate the field.

Fashion moves into a more conservative phase - covering up, blacks, browns, more chaste, more serious or sever. Work clothes. Clean, plain and simple.

On April 2 Pluto goes Retrograde, slowing change down and asking us to back track and work out if things need to be re-worked before we bring int he 'big guns' to annihilate something that may still be useful. Is something unresolved? Do we need more information before we plunge into something?

On June 13 Pluto moves BACK into Sagittarius (reigniting old questions and issues regarding religious institutions, belief systems, truth versus untruths, education systems, the travel industry and other Sag fields.)

On Sep 9 Pluto goes Direct again and we experience a move forward again and a release from reliving the same old nightmares. Progress at last. Watch for final decisions and resolutions of legal matters at this time.

Pluto enters Capricorn on Nov 26 again for its long term run in this sign and the issues we talked about earlier, kick off and up into a new level. We truly have entered a new era!


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Awww... Nov 26 is my birthday! lol ;-)

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Bring it on!

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This is one of the best analyses of Pluto entering Capricorn that I have read. You really have the gift of communication.