Sunday, August 24, 2008

A wisdom tooth out and Mars enters Libra (Aug 19)

My Solar Return chart houses Capricorn on the Ascendant for the entire year - and what do you know, Capricorn rules bones, joints and teeth and I broke a wisdom tooth. Surely there's some irony there, but as of a few days ago I am less wise and a little sore, but healing well.

Mars, the punchy testosterone-driven planet is marching through Libra, since Aug 19, the sign of Peace, Harmony, Equilibrium and Partnership. Good luck with that!  How Mars can ever assert himself in a way that pleases EVERYONE is a great idea in theory but the planet and sign are poles apart.

Finding yourself on the see-saw lately? I have. Move too far in the direction of 'we' and you get burned for not being independent enough. Move too far in the direction of 'me' and you're classed as selfish. How can you create a win-win situation? Often you can't. Or you can - in turn. Sometimes thinking of what works for the team, detracts from what works for us as individuals. 

Sometimes, the best you can do for others, is to do for yourself.

Fireworks, heat, aggression, anger, drive and directness are available in every encounter, every relationship, every union and every merger right now. It's unavoidable. Mars allows us to DEAL with something head-on.  In Libra, however we have to take into account the other side, the mirror, the shadow, the one across the table from us. What do they want, need, desire? And how the hell can we know?

My theory in this phase is that the only way forward is to assert what YOU want in the clearest way possible without trying to be a pain in anyone's butt. And then to listen, wait, be open to a reply, a response, some sonar wave from those around you, to see what feedback you get.

Some people won't accept what you want, but it doesn't matter.

Mars (energy) desires to be funnelled into some form of "we" - but since every 'we' is made of two (or more) "me's", it could be back a back to the drawing board on what each 'me' wants.


That is the battle cry of Mars right now in all our lives.
Can you hear it? And how will you respond?

And best of luck to you. If in doubt, listen to music, pursue beauty, and seek out calm settings. Mars in Libra likes nothing more than to be surrounded by tranquility and a sense of blissful harmony - so seek it where ye may.

Your militant mediator,

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