Saturday, August 30, 2008

Clean-up in Aisle 6 - New Moon in Virgo (Aug 30)

The Universe issues us a new assignment this week -  a new job lead, a new chore, a new plan and a new Improvement Program in a certain area of your life.

This is THE week this year to get things cleaned up. You know you have to - to get things organized, ship-shape, and running smoother. Look around at the crap that's build in in certain corners of your life, and there's no way you can disagree that a clear-out would be good.

We're talking an interior clean - old thoughts, feelings, ideas (a physical or emotional colonic/enema would be a great idea now)  and an exterior clean - dusting, sweeping, wiping, clearing, tossing, arranging.

Life is upkeep. There's heaps of things that need continual fixing, repairing, replacing, adjusting - from your body to your shower curtain. This is the New Moon to kick-start that process one thing at a time. Everyone should have at least one list stuck up somewhere this week with a string of things that need tackling, repairing or trying.

Get healthy - 10 sit ups is better than sitting doing zip. Schedule check-ups
Get clean - have an extra shower or bath to cleanse your energy field. 
Get tidy - a clean outside helps you keep a clean inside.
Plan - a simple routine or schedule made now can have a profound impact on your life.
Help out - grant favors with no expectation of return
Look at your job - want a new one, a side one or upgrade within your current one? Ask now.
Keep busy - start a number of projects. Plant seeds. The best will sprout.

And above all - keep it simple now. Re-read that - Keep...It...Simple.

Your cosmic cleaner,

P.S New Moon Readings are available for the next week to aid you in detailing WHERE this is all affecting you and where you can expect, anticipate and encourage positive change in Your life. $75.


Anonymous said...

Hi again, Neil,
You've hit the nail on the head again, with your timely words. When thinking about what needs to be done- Your title line "Clean up in aisle 6 !" keeps running thru my a good way.(like a simple, perfunctory managers voice at the supermarket- just get in there & clean up the spilled produce or soup cans!) Somehow & oddly, this is calming to me. After all spills happen all the time. And speaking of spills on a more global level, and coming from SW Florida, I wish the people who will likely be affected by hurricane Gustav my best wishes in their cleanup. God knows it's time to help each other out in all ways!
I add: 'How may I help you in your cleanup?' might be a good thing to ask our brothers/sisters/neighbors while we tend to our own.
Peace to you & yours, TJ Nichols

Jason Sechrest said...

Neil, you rock as always. I'm getting ready to move to a bigger place and had just decided before packing I desperately need to clean! lol... Also going to throw a lot of things out. Exterior is a reflection of the interior of course. Love to you always. Miss you. xoxo L, J.