Monday, August 18, 2008

Changing your Emotional Habits: The Lunar Eclipse aftermath

So the Lunar Eclipse is complete. But the reverberations will continue with us throughout the rest of this year and into 2009.

The simple message of the Lunar Eclipse is: You know you have some emotional patterns to change, so are you going to give it a shot? From reactions to things that have always bothered you, to relationship repetitions to any number of things manifesting in our lives - the question to ask now is:

How can I do this completely differently?

Remember the old saying, 'If you do the same thing over and over, how can you expect it to go differently?' How much can YOU change your broken record in the weeks ahead by RESPONDING to events rather than merely REACTING.

Remember also - reacting means to RE-ACT. To act Again. To do the same thing, say the same thing, feel the same thing.

Lunar Eclipses bring up feelings remember (In Astrology, the Moon relates to emotional energies, the changing tide of our human heart) so if you're feeling it again, chances are it has some juice, some magic, some Gold waiting for you if you can work on it by doing what: changing the habit of a lifetime. All it takes is one effort.

I can see it now - the angry people out there suddenly start giving the benefit of the doubt.
The homebodies start breaking out of their box and exploring.
The detached get involved. The irritable find more patience.

Prepare to be amazed.

Not by any outside event (unless your own life and chart need to thrust you into a change because you are TOO stuck, but that's beyond the power of an Astrologer, we can tell you what patterns need playing out and your choices but HOW you do it is up to you), but by a personal choice to outlive outdated operating systems (namely the way you've been doing things till now that bring stress/pain/frustration etc).

In Aquarius, the sign of sudden surprises, the Eclipse allows us to RADICALLY ALTER our old emotional records. To play a new tune.

Where will you shock yourself (and others) out of your "usual" behavior?

Go for it. Shock us by breaking out of even your own scripts.

Your soul's safe-but-shocking short-circuit specialist,

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