Sunday, August 03, 2008

August Only: Discounted Hour Readings!

For the month of August only, all Hour Readings are discounted for everyone (new and old clients). See link below.

Schedule a Reading for August and it's just $100 for an Hour Reading (normally $175 for first-timers and $140 for those already on file!). All Readings are recorded on CD for you.

A great way to kick-start your Summer, fine-tune your life under the Eclipses, get a handle on current goings-on and to get a heads-up on the rest!

If you're new you get to dive into your Chart with the aid of my telescopic lens ( i.e my Virgo Midheaven and its detail-oriented ways and Scorpio Rising and its X-ray vision - translation, a very thorough "read").

If you have never experienced my work, now's your chance at a significant discount. And if you have, this is your chance to check-in, catch up and otherwise use this one to save yourself some extra cash during raised gas prices and other stuff the Powers-That-Be are messing with...

Enjoy - and I'll catch up with you in person soon!

Any questions on what i do, or how I do it, feel free to check out this page, or drop me an email.

Your Astrologer,

Those of you signed up for Blog updates are first to know about these so you can order first, at this special web page link to secure a place in August.

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