Sunday, August 03, 2008

What to expect after the Eclipse....

So the Leo Solar Eclipse just passed. What now?

Don't worry if something hasn't clicked into place right away - in fact, around Eclipse points, the energy is so wily, things usually get knocked out of place before they find a new structure - don't worry!

We can expect results, though, on things we start THIS WEEK, in the next month to three months. Solar Eclipses bring longer-term changes from simple short term decisions, choices and actions. So don't be surprised if 6 months from now, what you were working on at this time, bears rich fruit, out of nowhere, when you figured nothing would change. Keep on keeping on.

For Pisces such as myself, re-aligning the body and daily routine is likely (and encouraged) - I re-kindled my yoga practice and began a push-up, sit-up and arm work out regime. (For Pisces the Solar Eclipse brings 6th House energy shifts - the house of health and work).

I'll give some pointers soon on which areas to look for change and encourage change for the signs.

But for now - get moving on bringing something into your life that you desire by moving towards it This Week. Any small step helps. Find someone to team up with to keep each other on track. Write it down. Pin up a sticky note on the mirror.

And remember - it's play time. The Leo Eclipse is here to usher in a period of more leisure, no matter what you're going through.

So stop looking for an instant shift - it may come - but you're better off doing something NOW with a view to seeing some results a month to three months from now.

Your Intuitive Instructor,

P.S Enjoy these pictures of the Eclipse from some of the hot-spots around the world, courtesy of Russell.


Anonymous said...

Thanks to Russell & Neil for the great pictures of the solar eclipse from around the world,- Loved em'! Thanks also to Neil for the astro advice on a good way to proceed after the eclipse. This eclipse has really rocked my world, so what to do? Dust off & initiate new things! I like the ring of that! Hope all is well with you, and that you are enjoying your new digs.
Peace, TJ Nichols, Naples, Fl.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Neil for the after the eclipse advise.I have started using my healing skills in a couple healing exchange groups. I have stopped using my self as my own personal larboratory as you suggested.
Excellent advice! Other new things are coming my way too.
Love your work
Blessings, K Dragon Aurora CO