Friday, September 26, 2008

Change your Mind, Views, Behavior: Mercury is Retrograde!

Changed your mind yet?

How about re-writing your usual reactions? Someone from the past suddenly made a re-appearance? What about something you've had to re-schedule? Or re-try? Haven't you been here/done this before? 

Yes, you have.

And yes you're back, it's back, s/he's back to show you 1 - how far you've come since last time, 2 - that you may not fully be done with something and 3 - that you have a choice in how to change it this time.

Mercury Retro is an awesome time to rethink your life, let things catch up with you, to coast a little, to research and review before making a giant leap. 

In short, you get to do stuff over right now. If at first you don't succeed....

I'll have more on this soon, and some special readings also. For now, enjoy a 2nd shot, a final resolution. In the sign of Libra, it's likely you'll have to compromise, but that takes work.

REACH A MIDDLE GROUND. Give in. Share. Hash it out. 
Compromise and cooperate.
Give it a shot.

Your perpetual peacemaker,

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