Friday, September 12, 2008

Why this week has been Big - Pluto/Jupiter Direct

Two major planets are no longer moving retrograde (backwards) and you're sure to have felt it.

Pluto Direct -  slaying inner demons brings outer angels
Jupiter Direct - inner quests bring outer adventures

Pluto Direct -  slaying inner demons brings outer angels
Pluto has been moving retrograde since April 2, 2008 giving us ample time to re-visit the dark places inside ourselves. To fully face the Shadows we carry within. To make friends with our own obsessions, cravings, yearning-burning-churning places.  And then to free ourselves from identifying fully with any of them. 

Now, fighting these inner battles and facing these inner demons and slaying them (or at least cutting the ties that bind us to them compulsively), brings contact with people, situations and places (our angels) that help us enjoy a greater sense of Light. Our time in the dark now aids our journey into a brighter space. We've cleared a space to now enjoy being free of emotional cling-ons.

Now, the process of transformation seems to bear fruit. We see parts of our lives finally changing, after we have done the work first within. We can't change anyone or anything but ourselves or our relationship to the things we witness. Our Power now is reflected back - what we've moved through, we can now aid others through. Our reward is clarity, strength and strong soul-connections with other who are also transforming their own consciousness.

Jupiter Direct - inner quests bring outer adventures
Jupiter has been retrograde since May 9, affording us the opportunity to journey inside to decide what we know, what we think we know, what Truth means to us, and where we need to grow. Areas we were stuck in, became very obvious. Along with our own misguided beliefs that no longer work. We've learned new truths about ourselves - and what we need and want and who we really are.

Now that Jupiter is Direct, we'll find the desire for inner quests now leads to people and situations that appear outside as traveling companions offering adventure to make use of all the knowledge we've gained from staring at our hearts and souls. Looking inside, now creates new vistas and horizons outside. We'll see and meet those who reflect to us, our own rich tapestry of knowledge, seeking and striving to grow and expand and evolve.


With Venus and Mars now in Libra, getting along with others has never been more important and also more difficult. Are you being fair? Are you sharing enough? Are you fighting your own battle through another? Is anyone listening?

Stay tuned for more, if you have any relationship or personal questions relating to the current cycles, you can contact me at or schedule a Reading (current special ends on Sep 15 so make use of that while you can).

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Anonymous said...

You are so "right-on".Absolutely everythng you have laid out has been occurring in my life. Thank you for validating it all!