Sunday, September 28, 2008

YOUR Full Natal Report...

The 80+ page personalized Birth Chart Report is your passport to one of the most extensive Report ever offered on you:

Your Life, your Relationship Needs/Addictions/Likely Attractions, your Sexual Interests
Your Family Background, your Career Path
Where you're trying to get to in this lifetime,
Past life habits and hinderances, roadblocks you're virtually guaranteed to meet, your amazing strengths, your weak-links, what you blame others for when it's really you, what gifts you carry you can cash in on....

....the list goes on.

It's all wrapped up in a package of over 80 FULL pages (some people reach over 100 depending on the planetary alignments in their natal Chart).

It covers the 12 houses of your chart and what's going on the 12 corresponding areas of your life. Includes Lunar Phase, and other info you won't get anywhere else (see the link for the full lowdown on what you get).

It outlines the energies you're spending this entire lifetime playing with - giving you material, emotional, intellectual and spiritual methods and motivation in order to transform problem areas into actual potential, in order to re-create your life more along your lines.

We each have a specific Life Purpose, and this Report will help you explore just what yours is.

Normally $75, only $40 until Sep 30. Two days left, so put in your order before you forget.

Order your mammoth Personal Full In-Depth Natal Report here.



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