Friday, September 12, 2008

Personal Reading Special : ends in 3 days!

The extended Special (an Hour full in-depth Reading of your Birth Chart & current cycles for $100) ends in 3 days (Sep 15).

If you're new, you'll save $75 and if you're already on file you'll save $40.

And a final note for now - yes, a lot is going on right now, and most of you are feeling it. Relationship dynamic changes, how we are getting along with others and how we're handling conflict.

Wow - a lot to handle, but we're all equipped with what we need. Our Charts show our own version of reality and what works for us. So don't feel stuck or trapped - we can work together on flying through the cycles you're in and the ones up ahead, with a greater sense of fun and adventure.

Keep shining!

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