Saturday, September 27, 2008

Broken Record? Mercury Retrograde Myth-busting!

Has your CD player gone gimpy, your DVD machine dead, our cell glitchy and your computer frozen?

Chances are somewhere your electrically operated machinery are being a bit funky. It seems inevitable during Mercury Retrograde for many of us, but don't worry, you're not doomed to be plagued with it forever. it's all a way to get you to Slow The Hell Down, remember?

I'm a firm believer that Merc Retro is a gift, for a fast-paced world rushing nowhere. Let things catch up. If something doesn't work, it's a sign to try a new approach. Re-vision.

Here's a link to an older posting on Retrograde Rebels: Rethinking your Replay

And to wrap up, please check out my true thoughts on Merc Retro. It's called Mythbusting and I wrote it to destroy old rumors about this amazing period of time.

Slow'll miss nothing important.

Special Mercury Retrograde Readings
to help you work out what the heck is going on!

Your mental mapper, Neil

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