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Cutting Strings Attached: Full Moon in Taurus (Nov 12)

Here's a re post of what the Taurus Full Moon means for the next couple of weeks, along with some current themes on this particular one.

What do you value?

If you're not exactly sure, then look at what you:

* Spend money on
* Spend your time doing
* Get deeply involved in
* Do to earn money
* Surround yourself with
* Do with no compensation because you adore doing it
* Like having, enjoying, being

These things show us, (whether we agree with them or not) what we actually VALUE. And yes, they can be out of whack with what we 'claim' to value in life.

This Taurus Full Moon (Nov 12) opens a dialogue between our conscious and unconscious on what it is that we actually do value and if our values are aligned with our soul.

Where are you at materially? Is having little freeing you to pursue more "spiritual" goals? Is being "spiritual" going without financially? Is money "evil" or just another form of energy? Can you be rich spiritually and STILL have a comfy bank balance? What do you owe? Are you being honest or manipulating people out of their possessions?

Taurus is about money, but it goes deeper than that. It's about self-worth. The amount of comfort in your life RIGHT NOW is in direct proportion to how much comfort you feel able to handle. Maybe the things that bother you are in place (by you) to keep you from being too apathetic (if I have to struggle to survive, I can't be lazy..").
it's worth a thought.

Prosperity Consciousness: is happy with what it has, enjoys quality, knows that price tags don't mean a thing but will happily spend fully on what feels good. Knows that the Universe is limitless and that as fruit trees continue to shed apples, money going out will return, because they are using it to create and enjoy beauty and aren't withholding - from themselves OR others. Money is another form of energy - like hugs, or kisses. It's enjoyed, created to be enjoyed, allowed to come in and spent on continuing the cycle. It's not always about money though - it's just a sense of feeling rich no matter what, and money is a reflection of this. They are happy with whatever they have, they are full. They always are.

Poverty Consciousness: feels there is a limited supply so must hold on, save, scrimp and be "practical". Luxuries are a waste of money. Things have to be worked hard for. Others have more so in order to gain more, they have to withhold and protect what they have and give out little, in order to save it and make it grow. They worry it's all going to come to an end and they'll become homeless, or foodless so they live with the fear and therefore the need to safeguard and never FULLY enjoy what they have - as it may leave at any time. They feel lighter and cleaner having less, even though they may claim to want more.

Which one are you living in tune with most of the time? Since this forms the basis for most of your interaction with the material (Taurus) of this earth plane (and this lunar phase) it's time to get back in tune with what feels good to YOU.

At this Full Moon some good ideas:

Celebrate your soul's vehicle - your body
Eat well - cook a gourmet meal, bake bread, a cake, make muffins, make it a FEAST!
Save something - bargain hunt, sale shop, go for quality not quantity, but don't pay full price!
Count what you have - add up numbers, balance your checkbook, clear debts
Know what you have, and the decide what you want and need
HUG! Friends, family, strangers, anyone who'll let you! In return you'll be hugged. Give a massage or go get one.
Be sexual - enjoy everything about your body, and give up guilt
Value everything you do - after all it's an extension of you.
Do what makes you feel good
Sing - Taurus connects to the throat chakra and thyroid

Paint - Taurus is the sign of Art
Go Camping, hiking, for a walk in the park, to the beach, rock climbing, have a food or mud fight (Taurus is the sign of Nature)
Light scented candles, brew coffee, cuddle up under a blanket or with a teddy bear, burn incense, wear silk pajamas, listen to amazing music (Taurus is the sign of indulging the senses)

With this Full Moon opposing Mercury, the Sun and Mars in Scorpio we may find ourselves in power struggles with other peoples values, clashes borne of manipulation, insecurity, fear.
It's time to stop dwelling on destruction, but how can we with so many energies in the sign of Scorpio. A Transformation IS imminent in our lives - whether we have to carve out the "bad" bits, or whether we just have to withdraw into the safety of our OWN comfort zones for a time (our own values, our own sense of self-worth and self-esteem) in order for that process to resolve itself.

With each destruction comes the potential for a new birth and the renewal of nutrients and new fertile soil (like the aftermath of a volcano) in which to plant new seeds of comfort.

The Full Moon this month challenges Neptune, the Lord of Illusion, giving us access to answers if we can follow our intuition and not let escapism cloud our hearts - the desire to 'run away', 'opt out' or get further lost in the chaos, is enticing, seductive and very easy.

My advice - find solid grounding, know that emotions are temporary no matter how strong their apparent hold on you right now, and that we all BELONG here, on the Earth, at this time.

It's worth reminding ourselves of this simple fact. Say it to yourself a few times out loud now, and see how it feels:


You are. You deserve it. You're worth it.
And my last gem for you this week:

What you want, also wants you.

To some there will be a renewal (Scorpio) of priority and values (Taurus) as much that is material and financial (Taurus) is lost (Scorpio).

To others, we'll see the true meaning and value of those who leave our lives. Sometimes it takes a departure to truly show us what really matters.

Under this Full moon - things will end, release, resolve, you'll get the answer you've been waiting (whether it's what you want to hear, it's what you need to hear right now), things get thrown out, recycled, we make plans for new things, we allow space for new people, we move on from old habits, we get to clear out chests and clear the air.

Ahhh.....we finally get to wrap some stuff up. Ax my Scorpio friend reminded me just today, "You can't take it when you go". What you can take are the emotional imprints.

who would you be, and how would you be if you had all your possessions taken from you? And all the things you cling to for dear life. It's worth a thought. Who are you when you strip it all away and who/how do you want to be?

In Beauty and Comfort no matter what,

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Thank you for posting this. It really speaks to me. Now, on to ceremony - my first in many, many moons...