Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pluto enters Capricorn: Take II (Nov 26)

We had a taste of it on January 25 and now it's here for good. Pluto, the energy of total transformation, deep and dire destruction - all for the soul-purpose (pun intended) of clearing away the decks to reveal our bare bones essence - leaves behind Sagittarius (destroying our beliefs, shoving new possibilities under our noses, rebirthing the airline industry (Sag rules travel), bringing down international barriers (Sag rules foreign connections) and continuing to unearth deep seeds of destruction within religion and other belief-oriented institutions...

...to enter Capricorn, the sign of Authority, Government, Structure and the 'System'. Where now?

I've said a lot on Pluto in Capricorn already, not least of all was the predicted bank closures I discussed in my earlier blog. Here is is again for you to digest so you know the likely manifestations (some of them) during this new major major astrological cycle.

Pluto in Capricorn: The Current Crumbling (written on Jan 25 2008)

I'll soon go into what it means for us all PERSONALLY but this is a beginners look at the anticipated collective experiences.

November 26 marks a watershed, a transition, a period of renewal. In all shapes, large or small, we're feeling the move into a new area, a testing of our newfound powers and a cleansing of our old traumas and dramas, painful at first, but from which comes deep, and LASTING healing.

Hurt to heal, and heal to help,

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