Friday, November 07, 2008

Tension! Saturn opposes Uranus

Feel like you're on a seesaw, being squeezed in a vice and then being stretched beyond your limits? Welcome to the current theme: restrictive Saturn faces off against free-spirited Uranus for a true series of personal and collective rebellions, revolutions, rule-reversals and the overthrowing of tyrants and the bullying of those speaking out for freedom and equal rights.

Bam! the aspect hit on Election Day here in the States. People polarized heavily between two energies "Change Change Change" (Uranus to the T) or Stability, Preservation and Old Values (Saturn is all about controlling change).

Prop 8 here in California, bans same-sex marriage, barring a huge portion of the state from expressing their love in a legal and binding union. Saturn (the rule-maker) thumbed its nose at those seeking the freedom of equal rights (Uranus). The opposition was expressed by a major series of rallies and Uranus-outrage against the System (Saturn). This is sure to be the beginning of a long and bitter fight between those who want things to stay the same (Saturn) and those who want true freedom via change (Uranus).

Souls born at this time, of course, will be imprinted with this vibration of push-pull, but how does it play out for all of us personally, you ask?

We want to break free yet how can we ditch it all and quit when we'd lose our security? We feel a need to fight those who rebel against us, who provoke us with their wily ways. We find our work needs to change and our career focus needs fresh air. We start wondering if our friends are keeping us stuck or if we're just expecting too much. We fear that the things we've established will no longer prove stable (the biggie!)
In relationships, one wants to run free whilst the other wants to work on it. Saturn loves work, Uranus loves to roam wild and free. Both sides are pitted against each other.
In financial matters, we risk stagnating and investing in old ideas, or turning the other way and throwing everything into sudden schemes and ideas that may sound good in theory but have no real backing.

In SOME area of your life (detailed by the houses Saturn and Uranus are hashing it out in) is some dispute or conflict between two opposing viewpoints or energies. You can't win when you take sides. And you can't expect others to conform to your viewpoint.

So it may be lonely, but we have to ride this one out - by sitting on the fence if need be, or bouncing on both sides and expecting a bumpy ride.

Change is here - no matter who is elected President. Whoever is in office in the US, will be a big player in the breaking down further of the system and its codes of conduct that never HAVE been for the Uranus people it claims to represent (the US Moon representing the public, is in Aquarius, ruled by Uranus).

We live in major times of unrest, but true change is never easy. Painful are the throes of birthing ourselves into a freer life. But with limitation comes liberation - we need rules to keep something in place.

See your life like this right now - a deadline or ultimatum may be thrust upon you, but it now gives you something to work with. A Timeline or a Plan. Whatever is happening is showing you were you NEED more structure or need to chill the hell out and where you NEED to breathe easier OR stop pushing against things.

Balance. It may be difficult since we're still in Scorpio Season, but it's coming. Not yet though. I'll let you know when the tides change but right now, right here, today we're in the most intense time, when the pendulum swings sharply, when we're booted off the seesaw, when what we held to so dearly suddenly has other plans. Are we free? Are we stuck? Really?

If it gets hard to breathe, you know where to find me.

In every great conflict and opposition lies the seeds of resolution. If you fight, if you resist, you fuel and feed the fires of pain. If you allow, and continue moving on a path that feels right to you, you can't help but change the scenery and thus, open up to new possibilities.

Embrace your life conflicts, they'll lead you to a better place. And that's really what we all want now.
Cracking the whip for your liberation, Neil www.New World Astrology .com


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Neil- great post! As usual, you are right on. I always look forward to and love your blogs because they help me see things more clearly. :)

~Liz (Trane's friend)

Neil D Paris said...

Thanks Liz, appreciate the note and sharing a bit of energy here! Love, Neil

Erin Muir said...

Oh! This was fabulous! I think we are all feeling the sighs of relief and tightening of fear and the back and forth and push and pull of it all, hm? I myself am reminding myself that I can at least choose my reaction to the universe. Thanks so much for your brilliant work, hottie mchotterson!
your astro-twin

Anonymous said...

Love your posts! This one could not be truer. I think everyone is feeling the pressure.

Hope you're well. Marti