Friday, November 28, 2008

Shock to your System? Uranus goes Direct (Nov 27)

Felt a shock wave move through your life? I did. A massage table collapsed today crashing me to the floor and badly bruising my back while I was having a treatment for re-alignment. You have to laugh.

Uranus works that way - whenever you need a shock to the system, he delivers with swift and mostly uncertain action. But you feel it. He was moving retrograde since June 26, forcing us to look at how free we feel inside and now he's marching back to the forward beat of his distant drummer.

What does that mean for YOU, you cry?

For us all, it's an outer shift representing an inner sense of renewed freedom.
Recent events in your life may involve sudden shocks, disconnects, surprises, u-turns, reversals, electrifying revelations, unnerving change, exciting innovations and radical alterations as though the renovation team had moved into your life to knock down walls and create a holy world of noise right under your feet. All to pull you to making a physical change in alignment with energetic changes ALREADY going on inside you.

Everything in the physical world is old - manifested from a thought-form that came way before its physical arrival.

Uranus now enables you to do what you really want to do - BE FREE!

So current changes are all enabling you to do just that, break free of stifling patterns and bad habits that keep you trapped and chained to a life you're used to...but not one that's right for you.

Where did your life go?

Here's a quick snapshot for you to check where you're being re-wired right now:

Aries - Unconsciously, as you break free of things you've been doing forever. Bad dreams and disturbing emotions that rear up from nowhere are here to help you clear your conscience once and for all. it all fades, falls, crumbles physically but spiritually it stays with you. Change your hold on your physical life and tap back into your core spiritual center, and all shocks will feel like orgasms and less like touching a badly wired socket.

Taurus - Socially you either have to contribute and stop complaining or suffer being just one amongst a very unhappy bunch. If you have something to change, change your relationship to your own individuality, your own weirdness. Get socially active if you're really frustrated. Re-wire your friendships, after all you're only as good as the company you keep, and the company you are. And what about your future? How do you want it to look? Start now.

Gemini - Direction-wise, it's a time when you could jump ship, decide to make a u-turn or push for more freedom and space where you're at. You need a destination but more than that, it's time to change your offerings to the world - are you trying to help or looking to be helped out? Let air in, your career path could be getting too stuffy.

Cancer - What you believe begins to show signs of insecurity and uncertainty, as you realize what you've been boxing yourself into is a propaganda paradigm of your own construction. Whether you open your mind or have it wrenched apart, traveling to new places, learning new things helps you do what you need to do now - un-learn stuff, forget your wisdom and stay open to living your truth.

Leo - Freeing yourself from your addiction to the dark side of life - from sexual problems, to relationship entanglements on the shadier side, your own emotional "stuff" gets an airing as you realize that freedom now does indeed come with a complete overhaul and total transformation. Desire burns, but you'll get burned if you can't just let it go, with no grudges held.

Virgo - Relationship changes are inevitable - you can only go as far as you 'grow'. Fresh air could mean a split, a break, a separation, permanent or temporary as both parties withdraw to decide what they need. mostly it'll be a question of change, freedom, selfhood and space that will aid and shift your connections. Sometimes the best thing for togetherness is separateness, and it's something you'll come to appreciate.

Libra - How your body is or is not working needs a shake-up. As does your routine, your daily schedule, what you do when you get up (or don't do) and how - in general - your entire life can be done better, lived easier, experienced healthier etc. If that means a job shock, so be it. Or a physical issue you'll have to get figured out. What's your body trying to tell you? Check Louise Hay's Heal Your Life for ideas on that. Get out of boxes. You'll breathe and live easier.

Scorpio -
Creativity seethes beneath your bubbling exterior and your inner child screams at you to change how you handle this energy. Whether you wind up splashing paint on the walls or your own body, it's time to throw something unique in your cauldron and find new hues to enrich your life with. The artist in you wants something unlike anything you've ever created. Romance now has to be wild and free or at least unpredictable. Routine has stifled your artistic creations. Free yourself to free them.

Sagittarius - Where you live, how you live, who you live with and where you call home - boy if that hasn't changed or shifted you're lucky or just about to experience it. it's not about that though, it's about how much you're living in alignment with your soul, your TRUE needs and self. True you'll have to let a lot of this go, but re-potting puts you in better soil, that's its job. So go with it. Change rifles through your family, your basement, your hidden boxes and your inner heart. Let it. Breathe it out and find a new nest more in tune with your new growing self.

Capricorn - With a mind buzzing, you're intent on change but don't know where, but you will. Some decision is imminent or most likely already made that changes everything but involves a decision to give something up, dissolve it or let it be. Can you go on mental cruise control? Dreaming up a new way is your only way now - as creative imagination takes you to new heights. If you can see it in your minds eye, you can, truly have it. If you let yourself.

Aquarius - It'd be easy to say that your cash flow changes now or is about to through a major shake-up but that's true for most of us. What is guaranteed is that it's more a question of what you're willing to do to get what you want now. Your priorities have shifted, dramatically. You simply don't value the same shit. Lets be honest, that's what it's become, right? What are you worth? And what is worth you? The rest is dragging you down and depleting your innermost resources.

Pisces - It's anyone's guess what changes are heading your way. Uranus does an about-turn in your sign. You're given carte-blanche to shift any and all of your life. Mostly you'll find it's about the freedom to be you. The space to be free to be a mess, the best, quiet, loud. Whatever. Somehow, you fell asleep lately and life is forcing you out of the bed, to pursue your spiritual path once more. Listen to the wake-up alarm.

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