Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thank you for sharing the Journey!

On the verge of Thanksgiving here (always on a Thursday (Jeudi - Jupiter's Day, the planet ruling Sagittarius, in Sagittarius Season...the sign of abundance, big meals and generosity!) in the United States I want to take this opportunity to thank all of you - across the world - for sharing your life experiences, your pain, your joys, your queries, your wisdom, your wonderments, your worries, your new jobs, your crazy relationships, your insane U-turns, your fabulous short, your human-ness.

As an Astrologer, I get to open up doors, shine light and beat down a few extra pathways for you to follow, if your heart so chooses, but you're the ones out there living the life, making the choices, falling and getting back up again.

Pretty amazing stuff. I learn so much from you.

So thank you. Yes, YOU! If you're reading this I am honored and proud to share this Journey with you and I can only hope that I have shared as much to brighten your life as you have done with mine.

On to new journeys together as we head into a new era, a new year and a new cycle in all our lives.

Keep Choosing Love, and in the process you'll say Yes to Life, and you'll hear and see (perhaps suddenly) life saying yes-with-a big-thumbs-up, to You.

Your Grateful Guide,
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TheSunscream said...

And thank you, Neil, for your kind words and constant inspiring posts. I have found them to be quite enlightening.

All the best,

October Crow said...

Thank you, Neil! You've helped me to learn, made me think, inspired me and made me laugh! All the best and brightest to you!