Monday, January 05, 2009

YOUR Personalized Monthly Lunar Return Report!

Every month the Moon above comes back to exactly where it was when you were born. Called the Lunar Return, the chart cast for this instant tells the tale of your next 27-and-a-half days to come. It paints your emotional landscape day by day and reveals the tides that wash over your life as the Moon drives her daily course.

In this report, long-time astrological innovator John Townley gives you the keys to the heart and the pulse of each and every month.

1. How and why the Lunar Return works, charging your batteries for the month
2. The Five Factors that make monthly analysis direct and simple
3. Complete planetary overview of the month by sign, house, and aspect
4. The Lunar Return’s interaction with your natal horoscope – just what really counts and what doesn't
5. Daily descriptions of the Lunar transits that propel your month's activities and events
6. Sabian Symbols for every important aspect and house change the Moon makes throughout the month
7. Critical keywords that clue you in to the style of daily events
8. The Void-of-Course Moon periods and how to use them – when to tune in, when to lay out
9. The Personal Void-of-Course Moon, an astrological first that gives you the edge when others don't have it

Get the full lowdown on what you'll get every month (just $7 a month!)

Especially if you are already into astrology, this will open up a new world of personal interpretation, beyond the natal chart, transits, progressions, and solar return – it will unlock the mysteries of your moment-to-moment response to everyday events, your reflective and reactive side, your emotional take on the here and now.

If you don't want a personal Reading with me, this is a great tool to use each month to watch your cycles and your shift in focus. I use mine every month to get a handle on the current "theme" I'm working with, so I can ride with the tide.

Will next month come on like a juggernaut, sneak up like a cat, or stride in like a hero? With your Lunar Return, you'll be the first to know.

Elsewhere you'd pay up to $50 for this type of Report but you can buy it here for just $7 a month, with an annual subscription.

Order your Personalized Lunar Return Subscription for 2009

Enjoy! And Happy 2009 to you,

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