Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mercury goes Direct Feb 1

Give it another week for this wacky period to phase itself out and you'll no longer feel that you're waiting, having to go back over your past to sort of what stays and goes, wondering why people don't call you back on time or why there are so many changes of mind or plans.

Mercury ends this retrograde phase in February, so hang tight.

I upgraded my software here and wished I hadn't bothered, since I had some tech issues under Retrograde. Though I DID buy a cell phone (prepaid) finally. I had one in the past but yes, I've been amongst one of the few who don't particularly like cell phones. It's been fine so far so I'm thankful.

For those waiting on their CD from the last Reading Cycle, I am looking at getting a new CD burner since my current one is ill. So thanks for your patience, you should have received your audio by email but you can expect your CD in February, within the first week or two.

Just a quick check-in. Hope you're all doing well!

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Anonymous said...

Namaste Neil,
Do you have a MySpace Page?
I'd love to Add you..
Miss Bonnie ®