Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Spread the Wealth! (Jupiter enters Aquarius Jan 5)

Need some good news? Of course you do. Astrology doesn't always just out the potential planetary pitfalls (remember nothing happens TO us Astrologically, it's just that certain times are ripe for certain manifestations/events).

We always look to Jupiter to give us more of the good stuff. More of anything. And yes that does include the crappy stuff too but first off, let's focus on where our growth us now. We just entered a new 1 year Jupiter Cycle, the planet that shows us where our opportunity, new horizon and good fortunes lie.

Jupiter is now in Aquarius, somewhere in our birth charts, and will show up in the same location in our lives. Stay alert. What to watch for?

Fortune through Friends and Fortunate Friends

Someone you know has a stroke of good luck, and it rubs off on you, or they give you a gift/handout/opportunity. And remember, you're someone else's friend! So you get to do the same to them, whether you know it or not. They are your teachers and you're theirs. Trips with friends are lucky. Road Trip anyone? Go! If you don't have any or many, maybe now's the time when the local social scene turns in your favor. You simply can't miss out on the good fortune in social networking. Try it, you'll see. Be warned, Jupiter can represent overindulgence, gluttony and arrogance. Avoid playing Lord over those you know and they'll be nice back.

Good-luck Groups

From group lotto-wins (yep, it's one of those years where you may just want to keep your numbers in the pot at the company lotto-sweepstakes), to companies and organizations, it's good to be in a gang (if that gang is trying to further the world with its ideas, aims and motives. Be careful, Jupiter does show too much of a good thing sometimes, so choose your associates wisely.

Weird is Winning
Going out on a limb and doing it differently, gets you ahead now. Don't do what's been done. Stop copying. Find a new style, sense, lesson, teaching, idea, product, offering. See what new things you can conjure up. Society thanks/awards/backs the most unusual, unique and liberated souls right now. Don't be afraid to turn off the crowd, by being a little more unusual, brighter, bolder, bigger. Be Badass (just not a Jackass...)

New Goals are Gold
Stop getting sucked into present problems. They're done. Old. Ongoing? Who cares, it's all on it's way out anyway. Whatever has manifested or is manifesting is already old or on it's way out. take fashion. To stay on track now, tap into what's next for you. Focus on that! What's new, ahead, progressive, futuristic? That's where the pot of gold is right now. Not here, today. But in the visions and roads ahead. Keep walking forward. Create your new future.

Socially, it's an amazing time. Society begins banding together and bonding together with more group events and activities. neighborhood potlucks, with people overseas! Gifts given to people across the world (perhaps charity starts far away from home this year). As a collective we celebrate (Jupiter) our Differences.

BE GLAD NO ONE ELSE IS LIKE YOU. It would be like seeing everyone wearing the same pants. Boring. No one likes a carbon copy. So if you're used to being embarrassed by your walk, the way you look,how you act...this is your year to Be Totally You.

Somewhere along the line in 2009, the more you can be you, and let others live the way they desire, we'll all get along better and Jupiter's abundance will be showered on us.

Society is ready for a handout, but is it ready to reach its hands out, in unity, to claim it?

Enjoy the good vibes, and better yet Share Them, to make them multiply!

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Your Joyful Jupiter Jiver,
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Poet_Girl said...

I LOVE this post and think you are dead-on. Especially the road trip part: I am driving to D.C. with a friend for the Inaugural, just because it felt right. It really does feel like social networking is the way to go right now ... and I love the encouragement to let our true, unique identity shine! Thanks, Neil!

Poet_Girl said...

Neil, one more comment on this --

Your advice that "Weird is Winning" immediately came to mind when I was watching TV the other day. Microsoft has launched a new ad campaign for its business solutions, and the first one I saw is not only visually weird and different (in a good way) but actually uses the word WEIRD in its voiceover and graphics!!

Here's the YouTube link if you want to check it out (tagline is Microsoft People_Ready - Method).

In any case, just wanted to say I think you are right on!


P.S. The Obama campaign this summer inspired a related explosion of artistic expression -- and as an artist myself, I feel a new breeze blowing in creativity! Hurray!!