Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Move to Pasadena, California

Just an update for those who are asking what I'm up to personally...

During Uranus's transit through my 4th House of Home I had about 4 transitions in December, while finding a new nest. Progressed Mars hit my Sun also at the same time in the 4th. So change change change - here I am, now in beautiful Pasadena, California.

When multiple factors come together in our chart, we're ripe for a shift, a manifestation of something in relation to the planetary energy and the house (area of life) it shows up in. Always. In some form or another.

Maybe you're ripe for change now too?

New places bring out new facets of ourselves, new scenery creates new thoughts which changes out past and brings us fresh emotional insights...which I can bring to you, during our Readings together.

My personal work is always passed on through my Astrological work and I look forward to sharing my new energy with you when we connect next.

To your own new insights about yourself!

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Anonymous said...

I just love Pasadena!

Bingo Was Her Name said...

Congratulations on your move - Pasadena is absolutely lovely and I'm sure you'll enjoy settling down there. I just recently went through a change initiated by correlating signs as well, although I only knew that in hindsight. Astrology works in mysterious ways ;).

superbing said...

I hope your step will get success. All The Best and Have A Nice Time...

bingofreeuk said...

Try to make your days memorable.