Wednesday, February 18, 2009

One Week Only: $2/min readings: You Choose Length!

I've never done this before but thought I'd throw this out there for fun for the rest of February. Some of you aren't able or don't want to commit (like with cell phone plans and marriage) to a longer reading so I am offering this:

$2/min, you choose the length, for a week only!

Sign up here!

Have $15 in your pocket and need some guidance? Order a 7 1/2 min check in!
$60 gets you a half-hour reading.
And so on. (An Hour Reading will save you $55.)

You'll be surprised how much we can cover in the time. Anyone who has ever read with me knows I talk fast (but still understandable)and it's all recorded for you to replay. Just precise, helpful and direct info at your fingertips.

I'll still need your birth info at the time of the reading. You can input that at the time you sign-up.
If it's a relationship reading (where we'll look at more than one chart)
then it's a half hour minimum.

That's it. There are no rules, just choose your length reading and away we go. Ends Feb 25 (one week).

Don't get stuck or feel you have no options, let's look at things and I'll give you a bigger overview, look at your past life patterns that are repeating, answer any questions you have, remind you of your true nature, look at your relationship situation, talk about finances, or give you a glimpse of what cool things you can expect coming up and how to navigate through your NOW!

Talk soon!


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Begin Again said...

Hi Neil,

I am listening to you now on the Mark Husson show...I saw this special on your site but didn't see how to take advantage of it. Is it valid now? Will you run it again in the future? I'd love to do a budget friendly reading for you as my 30th is coming up. :-)


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