Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sleepy, Drifty, Dreamy: Pisces New Moon (Feb 24)

Felt the urge to zone out, tune out, switch off, knock off, quit, let it slide, go with the flow, run away, hide, deny, take drugs, down a BIG stuff drink, eat five chocolate cakes, stay up all night, smoke a bowl, dance dance dance, cry, write poetry, walk by the ocean, listen to the rain, leave the planet, sleep 80 hours?

Or are you resisting the urge to?

We're in the flow of Pisces energy right now
- which, for some of you, is music to your ears, magic to your soul and a beautiful thing in your life. To some of you, it's a truly terrifying time when you feel lost, dazed, confused and swimming in circles, or nowhere in particular.

Whether you're lost, or just cruising on autopilot, the deepest need at this time is to REMEMBER OUR SOULS VOICE. By escaping from physical reality for a time, we refresh our spirit, we wash away the woes of the day and have a chance to go back 'home' - to our true selves, not our bodies and bills, relationships and repairs.

The New Moon on Feb 24 gives us all a prime opportunity for a moment to get away. To celebrate our souls and renew our relationship to ourselves and to all of our own lives, but reminding us that fantasy is fantastic, that escapism is enjoyable, that magic is marvelous and that reality is but a dream and that dreams create our realities.

So - firstly, celebrate the fact that things don't seem that structured right now. They're not MEANT to be. We get to creatively coast a while under a Pisces New Moon. To sleep longer, dream deeper and to let things take their course.

Old karmic patterns are sure to surface, as Pisces is the sign of karmic completion, the last stop on the soul's journey 'around the wheel' of the zodiac. And in aspect to Uranus, the planet of Liberation, this new Moon allows us to find out what old patterns we're addicted to, so we can free ourselves from being at the mercy of them.
True freedom now comes from freeing ourselves from unhealthy, addictive escapist paths that lead nowhere but to a feeling of being drained and depleted.

So you can stay on track now by knowing you're in a karmic loop when you feel you have no control, you're 'cracked out', 'amped up', or drifting into a victim role or just lost and hopeless or running away through less healthy channels (eroding your body and energy supplies) - and you have a chance to play it out one last time before you let it go for good.

What are you addicted to that no longer serves you?

Find an alternative - fantasy, creative visualization, music, mystery, fantasy - anything that takes you out of yourself and gives you a chance to connect something deeply moving. Meditation. movement. Music. Candlelight. The Ocean. Romantic Music. Sad stories. Charitable work. Even just sitting and letting yourself feel.

Feelings are everything now - whatever comes up has relevance. So let it be there. The hopelessness, the void. All part of the human story and drama of being on planet earth.

Pisces New Moons are about learning to continue charting a course, while simultaneously (the two Pisces fish swimming in opposite directions) letting things take their course.

"Let it go" - keep doing that right now, and you'll be spiritually lighter.

This New Moon, enjoy the Great Letting Go - and read up on the previous blog I wrote on this New Moon period for extra insight, on what to do, what to expect and what it all means. READ IT HERE.

Relax - you're in the flow of the current of your own life. You always were, you always were. There is no control, just a moving. A flowing. Stop fighting the tide, by letting go we always float again, eventually.

With you all the way - after all I'm a Pisces Sun and Mercury (with the Sun square Neptune and Mercury square Neptune) so I'm over-qualified to help you out with this enchanting and strange period, so call me on whenever you need.


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Wink B said...

amazing. this perfectly describes how i've been feeling for the past week. especially in the midst of the tumultuous change swirling around me, all I've been wanting to do is to shut myself off and spend some alone time at the beach reading and writing poetry...