Friday, February 13, 2009

What's Love Gotta do with it? The Leo Lunar Eclipse (Feb 9)

Lunar Eclipse Readings available now, based on your chart and expected changes in the next 6 months.

Lunar Eclipses bring emotional change. Astrologically, the Moon reigns over our emotional natures, home lives, family situations and our day to day feelings. During a Lunar Eclipse, these areas of our life are temporarily shaken - often by events in our physical lives that temporarily force our hands and force our attention in a certain direction.

Some experience an emotional 'high' as events reach a completion and success. At other times, we may experience a complete emotional overhaul, and feel insecure, nervous or just about any other disrupting and often worrying emotion.

Feeling raw and open?

You may find yourself amongst the majority who will experience an ENDING, A Chapter Closure, a relationship end, a job ending - one phase of life seems to hold no more promise.

If so, welcome to the Chess Pieces of Your Life moving things around to get you ahead. Believe it or not, that's what's happening.

This Lunar Eclipse fell in Leo, creating Grand & Dramatic Emotional Moments
for many of us. We feel things in a big way. What do we feel? LOVE. Or, we feel its lack.

Let's explain this further - we open our hearts under Lunar Eclipses. In Leo, we feel so strongly, so passionately it can only be attached to the vibrational energy of Love; the outpouring from the heart. And this can happen through loss, death, transition, disappointment etc. Or from the more fun emotions of Gain, Joy, Play, Romance.

Love is making a comeback in your life now. Look around, From friendships (Aquarius is the sign power-packed opposite this Leo Eclipse) to social networks and groups to aid you (health groups, social groups, charitable groups etc) you're being offered Love in the same ratio as you're giving it out to the world.

Ask yourself now - how much love am I revealing from within myself?

Love is given in many forms, through music, artwork, making someone laugh or smile, being fun and fancy-free, playing and creating. Enjoying life and showing others a good time. Giving compliments. Thanking someone. Offering a gift. Making Love. Sharing a hug.

What is love to you?

Now, depending as always on where this one falls in YOUR chart, this Eclipse will spark any of the 12 areas of your life or inner and outer life drives (shown by the planets). I can help you work this out through a special Chart Reading.

My Lunar Eclipse Readings will help you. Read up on what you get during this special 40-minute on what the Lunar eclipse means to you in YOUR Chart.

Since the Lunar Eclipse is awkwardly aspected by Uranus, we may find the electricity in our bodies, lives, relationships, houses, cars, computers plays up a little. You want to change but aren't sure in what measure. Do you stay put (Moon) or go (Uranus)? Try and sustain something or jack it in and split?
It's all part of the re-wiring process of this lunar period. You may find your nervous system goes through an upgrade, which isn't always pleasant. You may need to buy new electrical equipment.

Facilitate these changes and shifts by being free enough to move through every emotional you encounter as though it's helpful and conspiring to help you reach a better place. It is.

Don't hold on to any feelings. Any that seem to stick around are markers for your new needs and desires and where Change is needed to avoid further pain. Use them as guides. Know it's all part of a bigger picture, a grander story and nothing - nothing - is ever a waste, or wasted.

Life is a grand game, this Lunar Eclipse reveals that, with big displays, dramatic gestures and heart-opening moments that liberate us from too much (or too little) self love and more connected to the universal grid of consciousness, awake now through the multitude of planets passing through Humanity's sign of Aquarius.

Feel your way to a better life, through Love.

Your Open-Heart Spiritual Surgeon,

www. New World Astrology .com

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