Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Valentine Special: Cosmic Couple & Relationship Report Package $60

Even if you're single you're in a relationship with someone, somewhere.

Your friend, your parent, your boss, your coworker.

Synastry is the art of comparing your Birth Charts with another person to detail your compatibility.

We can see your soul-contracts (what you're offering to help each other work on), your karmic ties (things you haven't let go of between you from other lives), gifts you share (areas you two just "work") and stumbling blocks (things that are virtually guaranteed to 'hit the fan' between you!)

So if you're dating, married, recently separated or single, this Package is for you. It may well shine light on WHY you're where you're at, givce you both something giggle about and truly have a better understanding on them, and they of you.

These Reports work for BOTH of you, so you'll get 2 reads out of each, theirs and yours! Feel free to email them your lover or partner, or whoever you choose to find out more about.

Its the Valentine Special Package ($60)

You get:

The Relationship Report
& The New Cosmic Couple Report

Read up at the link below to see SAMPLES.

Romantic - Friendship - Business! It works for everyone.

Find out more and Order here, just look for the Valentine Special Package

I LOVE these Reports. And yes, I do them for the people I have the good fortune (or otherwise!) of meeting and dating. They are awesome.

Enjoy finding more intimacy with yourself and those in your life with this offering of mine.

Your Cosmic Cupid,
www.New World Astrology .com

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