Saturday, June 13, 2009

Taking your Calls on Radio Sunday 7pm PDT!

Join me Sunday night at 7pm Pacific, 10pm Eastern for the Universe's Field Trip on Souls Journey Radio.
I'll be taking calls, and discussing this week how the HOUSE our Sun is in when we are born holds a lot more information than just the Sun sign we know.

You're a Gemini, but are you a 12th House Gemini or a 3rd House Gemini? A 2nd House Libra or an 8th House Libra? Do you know?

The dial in number for the show is 724 444 7444 - ID number 24868 #

Let me decipher your Chart for you live on air, or join us in the Chat room and ask a question to be answered live on air!

If I haven't chatted to you before I look forward to it, and if I already have, then please join me for some on air fun tomorrow night!

See you then!

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